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Real Life Success Stories. Windermere Road, Freehold

Address Windermere Road, Freehold

Price  £170,000
Sold for  £172,000
Time On The Market  4 days
Number of Viewings  6
Reason for sale  Downsizing

Winderemere Road, Freehold



Property History

Not everybody moves because they want to.  For some it down to circumstance as was the story of our client from Windermere Road.  Our job is to get the best price.  Everybody wants the best price.  Sometimes thought it’s really needed to help people move on with their life.  Hence when we value properties we choose not to be swayed by the price they paid but ultimately, by what they have done to the home and how it compares in today’s market.

Interestingly this lady had 3 valuations. The price variation between the estate agents was over £20,000 difference, a considerable amount of money to anybody!

What we did

The first thing did was listen.  Everybody has a moving story,  a reason as to why we are there.  Next we had to justify our valuation.  We were considerably higher than what she had paid for the property however our client had done considerable work to it since purchase, not all of which was obvious to the naked eye!

Upon instruction, we prepared a great set of details with some fantastic photos highlighting the key selling features.  The weather may have been warm, but we still insisted the wood burning stove was lit.  We had the stable door open for the kitchen shot and captured the greenery that surrounded the home.

The next job was to contact the registered buyers we knew would be interested. We still of course launched it online, just to make sure we got the best price for our client.

The result

Viewings were quickly booked.  Multiple offers were made.  Best and final offers were made.  We agreed the sale £2000 above the asking price, such was the demand for this home.  Even better, we were able to help our client find a fabulous new house, one which she was really happy with, and one which she could call home!


Are you thinking of moving?  Can we help you?  If so please get in touch.  It’s free to chat.  At JDG we are here to help!  Call us on 01524 843322. 

Case Studies – Charlbury Grove, Heysham

Address – Charlbury Grove
Price £125,000
Time on Market – 30 days till offer accepted

Number of viewings 3
Reason for sale – Upsizing

Best Estate Agents, Morecambe

Property History

The seller came to us as he had been on the market with another agent for 95 days and had not sold his property.  He had noticed we had sold 2 properties within close proximity to him and the asking prices of these properties were both £7000 higher than his asking price but his still had not sold.  He really couldn’t understand why.


Our Solution

It’s not often we put an asking price up on a property.  This was home which was in great condition.   To be fair his photos were excellent,  possibly too good with the fancy photography used.

We began by recommending that we increased the asking price by to £125,000.  At his current asking price, the owner had no flexibility in his price and we were concerned that buyers still may try to make an offer.  We prepared an in-depth brochure showing the key selling points of the property.  Our photos were bright but honest.  We wanted buyers too have a true picture of the home.

The property was well advertised on both Rightmove and Zoopla, in the local newspaper and provided a display in our high street office as well as showcasing the property on social media.  Once the property was live, we telephoned buyers registered on our system to create interest in the property.


The result

The seller had an offer on the property within 4 days and, after further viewings and negotiations, the vendor accepted an offer on the property within 30 days.  The offer was within 96% of the asking price and £2000 higher than the asking price with previous agent.  Everybody was happy!


If your home is struggling to sell and you’d like a 2nd opinion,  please give our Morecambe team a  call on 01524 409100.

How important is the internet when searching for your property?

How much do you rely on the internet?  What do you really use it for?  Research?  Communication?  Playing games?  How much internet shopping do you actually really do?

I’m a researcher.  Trust me, I have tried it for shopping.  I even tried online supermarket shopping last week.  It was convenient.  To be fair it arrived on time.  However all my fresh items have such a short shelf life date on them, I simply won’t get chance to eat them.  I also tried ordering from Next online last month. They promise following day delivery.  However after paying, I discovered that my item wasn’t due in stock for another 3 weeks.  It has just arrived and it doesn’t fit.  And please don’t get me started on trying to book a holiday.  I’m now communicating by telephone with a travel agent.  The only thing I seem to be able to successfully order are products where I know exactly what I am getting – in my instance, Bobbi Brown make up! Interesting many of my friends have had the same experiences.  So how does this tie in with the property market?  Are we really all internet shoppers?

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Back to School? Learn how to make sure you have your property basics right!

September is here and the kids are back at school.  The summer holidays are over and normal family routines resume.  People are back at work and the whole city feels busier as the students return.  It’s a different time of year.

People attentions move back to moving home, the thoughts being they can be moved by Christmas.  If you’ve been trying to sell for a while, don’t despair.  September could be your month.  Just make sure you follow our back to school selling basics….

Property selling tips Lancaster

Clear Photos

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Case Studies. Canterbury Close, Heaton with Oxcliffe

Address – Canterbury Close

Price – £115,000

Time on Market – 12 days

Number of viewings booked – 2

Reason for sale – Moving out of the area


8 Canterbury Close, Heaton with Oxcliffe

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What if your home could take a selfie? How would it look?

Did you know? The word “selfie” is now in the Oxford dictionary.  It is was chosen as the word of the year in 2013.  At first it was thought selfie taking was a craze, however as I write from holiday, it seems to be a craze which is not destined to go away!

What if your home could take a selfie......
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What is home staging?

Have you ever wondered what home staging actually is?  A few people get nervous about it, thinking we are going to ask them to refurbish their home for sale. We are not!

Put simply, home staging is simply preparing your house for sale.  The purpose behind it is to make your home is as appealing as possible to the widest number of buyers with the aim of getting a quicker sale and a better price in the process.  Home staging takes into consideration the flow of your home, your furniture arrangement and looks at eliminating clutter so your home looks brighter and more spacious.



Mich home staging



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Real Life Success Stories. Moreton Green, Heysham

Property Address – Moreton Green, Heysham

Price £125,000

Time on Market – 7 Weeks

Reason for selling – Upsizing


 Wilton Close

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How smells can influence the selling success of your home

Have you ever heard of scent marketing?  In case you didn’t know it is a technique used by many businesses in order to help influence a buyer / client’s mood.  Smell is thought to be the most powerful sense we have.   A smell can affect how we feel.  Research has found scent can add to a buyer’s perception of a product’s value.

This week I wanted to look at how the right smell can positively influence your home sale and how wrong the smell can easily put buyers off!

The sweet smell of selling success

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