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The man in the underpants

Have you met Darren?  Many people in Lancaster and Morecambe have.  After all,  he’s born and bred locally and he’s been showing people around homes since the year 2000!

20130429-214740.jpgJust recently Darren showed a couple around a house.  We don’t hold a key for this property.  The owner lives there.  He has a glass door.  Darren knocked.  Our viewers were stood behind Darren.  The owner ( who happens to be a larger man ) answered the door in his Y-fronts.  Not a pretty sight.  He didn’t even seem fazed by this faux pas. You can imagine Darren’s embarrassment!

The feedback from this viewing was it was the most interesting viewing they have ever had.  Needless to say they did not buy the property.  Luckily though the next set of viewers did.  Phew.

So, our message is this.  If you are selling your home and you intend to be home for the viewing,  please get dressed!

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