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Preparing your home for sale. The kitchen

by Michelle Wilden, Senior Branch Valuer



“Get your kitchen right for selling success”

We have many debates as to the importance of a kitchen in a home.  The one thing we all agree on is a great kitchen can really help sell a home.   It can for some buyers actually be a determining factor as to do they buy your home or not,  especially if they are somebody who loves to cook.

But how important is it really?  After all,  back in the real world of normal everyday properties,  not everyone as the luxury of space.  Not everybody wants to cook a 3 course meal.  I chatted to a buyer only today.  They were quite happy to have a small kitchen.  They had a limited budget and more living space and larger yard held more priority.  But….(and there was a but)…. They wanted the kitchen to be nice.  I asked them,  “Nice, Can you describe nice please” and they did in full technicolour.  Nice was fresh, clean, uncluttered.  They had seen some homes with horrible kitchens and to be honest they didn’t have the budget or inclination to replace such a major room.  That decided it.  As suspected.  The kitchen is definitely a deal breaker for most clients.  There’s no debating, a spacious kitchen is a luxury,  but back in the world of the first time buyer even a small kitchen can be great in its own way.

Now before we get carried away,  even a cheap or older style kitchen can look good with simple staging.  First of all ask yourself these simple questions?

1.  What are your units like?

2.  Are they in good condition?

3. Do you have the space for all the appliances a buyer would want?

If the answer is yes,  you almost there.  Now to time to transform your kitchen.   If your kitchen is old,  a cheap fix is to change the worksurfaces and change the handles.  A new floor covering can the lift room as can a lick of paint.


Look at de-cluttering.  Clear the worksurfaces, empty the sink of any dirty pots.  Put things out of sight.  Take down your kids drawings that a pinned to the cupboard and clear the fridge of magnets.  Then start dressing your kitchen.  Put things in place.  A matching kettle and toaster.  Maybe a trendy cookbook.  Display some nice cups ( I’m thinking Nigella Lawson or Cath Kitson style ).  Add colour with some flowers and fruit bowl.  Make the kitchen look like it would be a pleasure to cook in. Finally,  make sure wherever possible that your kitchen suits your house style.  Modern homes suit contemporary kitchen.  Period Cottages work well with shaker style.

If you’d like any advice on how to stage your home for sale please call me.

My name is Michelle and I am the branch valuer at JDG.  Call me on 01524 843322.

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