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Preparing your home for sale. The Outside

by Michelle Wilden,  Branch Valuer

“Good use of outside space can make all of the difference when selling your home”

If you are thinking of selling your home,  making the most of your outside space really is important.  Buyers will have a choice out there.  I often ask my clients,  why should somebody buy your home rather than a house down the road?  Think about it.  Take a few moments.  Why should they?

To me it doesnt matter if you have a small backyard or the luxury of a large garden.  You need to be the best in your category.  You need to be better than your competition. External presentation is key.

Lets start with the basics. Read more


Preparing your home for sale. The Dining Room

by Michelle Wilden, Branch Valuer

“A rather versatile room,  especially when space may be a premium

If you enjoying entertaining friends and guests or like to sit down with the family around a dining room table,  a dining room may be an essential room in your home.

For many people a dining room is about a lifestyle choice for other’s it’s essential.  Some people want to dine in the kitchen,  others enjoy having tv dinners.  The point is we are all different. Read more

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