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A real life love story. Boy Meets Girl and buys house!

How it all began

Meet Steve and Cassie. Steve and Cassie met on Plenty Fish of Fish, an online dating website. I daren’t really tell you about their past dating experiences but let me say this. They didn’t work. In fact I think Cassie’s even Dad wanted to kill one of them! However in March 2012, Steve messaged Cassie and the start of a beautiful relationship began with their first date at Nando’s.

To give you some background information. Cassie works for us as a sales negotiator and has done since she was 19 (she is now 26). Steve works in a bodyshop (not the nice smelly variety!) and is a bit of a petrol head. Steve is 28. Both have been paying £20 per week board to their retrospective families. Both still had their mother’s do their washing.

Enjoying the Isle of Man TT Races

Enjoying the Isle of Man TT Races

Last year for Cassie’s Birthday he took her to the Isle of Mann TT. In September they decided to go on all inclusive holiday to Cyprus. Whilst there they briefly discussed one day living together but decided a combination of low board and home comforts coupled with a high disposable income meant they were happy to continue enjoying life. Life for Cassie and Steve meant dining out, trips to the cinema, concerts galore and they still enjoyed regular Saturday Nights around the town. Cassie liked to also spend her money on clothes. Steve, being the petrol head spent his on cars, being the proud owner of two Ford Escorts MKII.

The Moving in Proposal

Fast track to May 22nd, 2013. Cassies 23rd birthday. Steve presented Cassie with a birthday card and the proposition they talk to a mortgage advisor. Not one to waste time and understanding the meaning of this…”Lets buy a house” conversation, a mortgage appointment with our own recommended mortgage guys was booked. With 24 hours an AIP was agreed and viewings on potential homes were booked. Both of Steve’s beloved Escort Mk II were put for sale and sold giving them a deposit for their new home. Cassie already had some savings for her share.


Its true love when he sells his beloved cars for a deposit

Two days later, Cassie & Steve had a sale agreed on their dream home. Now I need to be clear on this. They are buying a property via our Morecambe Office. Before viewing, the owners were made aware that Cassie works for us. We like to keep everything crystal clear and above aboard. After all we have a very highly respected trusted and reputation. Plus you also have to remember that we move house just like other people do. We are only humans after all!Cassie and Steve made a good strong offer which given the offer amount combined with the fact they are first time buyers was accepted. They signed up with mortgage advisor almost immediately and within a week the survey was done and the results were back.


We are now the 30th June. This sale has progressed quickly.  This Thursday we are due for completion. They will get their keys.

We wish Cassie and Steve the best of luck. Friends and family have been kind in donating them goods for their new home including a sofa and a bed settee. Whilst Cassie can’t cook, she has already invested in her baking equipment. We are told Steve is a dab hand with a microwave.
Paint has been bought and wallpaper chosen. The colour grey seems to be the main theme however because Cassie’s favorite colour is pink, can you guess what colour the utility room is going to be?

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