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7 ways to increase the saleability of your home

1. Clean and De-Clutter

Cleaning and de-cluttering your property is one of the simplest and cheapest things you can do when selling your home.  Buyers like to see space.  They like to it imagine themselves living in your home.  They demand to see it clean.   We are all guilty of clutter.  As I look around I can see it gathering in my home.   Where are you sat now?  In your lounge?  Take a look around.  Do you really need to keep all of those magazines?  Can you box up your DVD collection?  How about all of those books or the kids toys.  I often advise clients to start boxing up now,  after all it makes easier when you actually come to move.  Take a look at each room and act accordingly.  Please be harsh in your kitchen.  Hide items in your cupboards if you need to!

Now for the cleaning.  When I talk of clean, I mean really clean.  Clean enough for when the mother in law visits.  Hoover behind and under sofa’s.  Polish your floor.  Clean your skirting boards.  Make your bathroom sparkle.  I also feel windows should be clean to.  Your home will feel lighter and brighter for it.

2. Give your home face lift

You dont have to spend £100’s of pounds giving your home a face lift.  Take a look around your home.  Could it do with freshening up?  Here’s my thoughts.  Get painting.  Think about what is costs for the paint and the extra money you could recieve in your offer.  What’s the paint going to cost you?  Not a great deal in relation to the results.  Straight away your home will look brighter and cleaner.  Next,  add atmosphere.  I am a big Dunelm Mill fan.  A room can be lifted with an inexpensive rug and new curtains.  Add a few cushions.  A lamp and pictures can work wonders.

You can give your kitchen a new lease of life by changing the handles and worksurfaces.  A recent client of mine has just done this and they are now wondering wht they didn’t do it years ago!

Your bathroom can be dressed with nice new matching towels.  Think Hotel style and nice bathroom goodies.  Please hideway spare loo rolls and bleach bottles.

3. Check everything is working order.

Ok,  now it’s time to get those little jobs fixed.  Start at the front door.  Does the battery in the doorbell need replacing?  Sort it.  Look around your home.  Straighten wonky blinds.  Tighten loose taps.  Re-hinge sagging kitchen doors.  Fix the fence.  Dont leave anything to chance.  This might sound obvious but replace light bulbs.  You dont want anything so simple to give a bad start to your viewing.

4.  Who is your buyer?

When I market a property for sale,  I like to envisage who my buyer might be.  For example, it makes common sense when selling a semi detached home that the buyer maybe a young family.  If you can dress your home accordingly, especially the spare room.  If your home is a 2 bed terace for instance,  your spare room really needs to be a guest bedroom,  not somewhere you dump your stuff!

5.  Know your competition

Take a look around.  What other properties similar to yours are up for sale.  How do they compare.  Be honest with yourself.  Compare price.  Compare size.  Compare your presentation.  Now tell me what is better about your home.  Do you have a better view?  A larger yard or garden.  Is your kitchen better.  Find it and remember it.  You’ll need this to be highlighted in your marketing.  This is about making your home the best. If you can be the best home on the street, at the best price,  you have a winner.

6. Take a sniff.

Smells can be off putting.  They can actually stop a house smelling.  Pets are the most common offender but please check drains and sometimes even some flowers can be overbearing. My advise is this.  Clean out the animals everytime you have a viewing coming up.  Get rid of the cat litter tray.  Take the pets out where possible.  Open your windows.  Buy some nice plug ins. Your home needs to smell nice and fresh and most importantly clean.

7. Make the most of your outside space.

Its summer.  It’s hot, hotter than we are used to.  But even on a normal summer day, buyers are keen on what’s outside.  For some buyers a garden is a must.  If you only have a backyard, please may I suggest you power wash it.  Plant some tubs.  Create prvicay with the use of a trellis.  How about a pretty window box.  Get rid of your bikes and bins on viewings.  Find a better home for them.  Even if it’s in a rear alley or tucked in a shed.  They are unsightly.  Now get a small bistro table.  See… you have a great little area to sit out and enjoy the sun.

Next question.  Is your garden overlooked. How about planting some tree’s.  They might set you back £60-£80 each for a decent tree,  but they reall will help distract from this problem.  I have done this before myself.

Do you have questions or maybe idea’s of your own.  If you are thinking of moving home and would like some free, honest advise and tips,  please give me call.

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  1. Sarah Rosser #

    Couldn’t put it better myself! The front garden and door is lways a good place to start! First impressions count and you have 11seconds to play with!!

    July 18, 2013

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