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Another week with JDG Estate Agents – August

by Michelle Wilden, Senior Branch Valuer

Hello, my name is Michelle and I am based at the Lancaster Office.  Selling property is my passion.  It really is an interesting job.  Just so you know, each day I rise by 7am.  I have a 45 minute commute to the office and ensure I am early enough to begin my day with both a strong coffee and a power juice.  I thought I’d share this with you rather than keep on repeating it!


If you know me,  you will know Mondays are my day off.  However since I was introduced to both social media and cloud based software,  I seem to be glued to the keyboard or checking out what the office is up to.  I can’t seem to tear myself from work.  To me selling houses is not a job.  It’s way of life.  Today I am a tad nervous.  I have been No.3 in the #zpp100 for the past 7 weeks.   Can I make it No.2 ?

It’s 9.30am.  Already I am checking the office computers and seeing what offers have come in over the weekend.  There are already 3.  Two of which are on a newly instructed home.  I had told the owners it would sell quick.  They were not convinced.  It’s a home which wants total renovation.  It’s so very well cared but has not been touched since the 1950’s. Even the original 1944 cooker still works.  I wonder who the lucky buyer will be?

The 1944's cooker which still works

The 1944’s cooker which still works

I check the diaries.  Impressive.  The market is certainly picking up.  Rentals are very strong and sales are looking exceptionally good.

I receive a tweet.  It’s from a fellow Estate Agent.  I have climbed the zoopla leader board.  JDG are officially now Number 2 in the UK on the #zpp100.  I am happy.

The Zoopla Power 100 Logo.  We are number 2 in the UK


Emma is feeling very positive.  She has done several viewings for a client who is looking to start a portfolio of rental homes.  She is expecting at least 3 offers.  Just to make this clear,  the client would be buying all 3 providing of course we can agree the sale.  We can’t sit and wait though.  There are other property sales to negotiate.  Emma makes a feedback call.  Have we done enough?

We have lots of new properties coming on this week.  When we say a lot, we mean 10.  We believe this to be good.  We are greedy for more though so please don’t be shy in calling us.  The brochures are typed,  details are approved.  Let the marketing commence.

More offers have come in and I am pleased to find Mr JDG, has successfully agreed 3 sales.  A buyer has been chosen for my renovation home.  An older lady, who strangely loves the original wallpaper!

The original 1950’s wallpaper in a home we have sold

I have 3 valuations.  I’ll be honest,  I’m not convinced 2 of these clients will ever sell.  The 3rd however we win there and then.  Unfortunately though I can’t help him purchase.  The family is emigrating abroad.


Has the whole world gone mad.  The board has gone up outside the home of the house that needs renovating.  I’ll be honest.  The board is late.  We have been advertising it on Rightmove for over week and it’s sold.  I have unhappy people.  I have been asked if I have bought it myself.  It wasn’t cheap.  And the answer is No.

The house that everyone wants!

The house that everyone wants!

Darren has two more properties to photo.  These two are crackers.  A small terrace with woodland views and a beautiful apartment with Siematic kitchen.  I am confident.  His viewing day goes well.  Two rental properties are taken.  Offers are called in.  There is not a single gap in the diary.

I value 3 more properties.  Two are coming to the market.  Photo’s are booked.  The 3rd is having 6 agents to value.  Have I done enough?

Peter looks after our sales agreed files.  He’s been with us 12 years.  He quietly points out he has 5 completions for Friday.  This makes me happy.  Completions is what it’s all about.


I am planning a new website.  Initial chats go exceptionally well.  I feel exceptionally positive.  So positive I go out to my appointments with a spring in my step.

Disaster Looms.  I go to value a house.  It’s a an old grade II listed home.  I have a new key.  It wont turn. The key becomes stuck.  I have no choice but to call the office for help.  I need a strong man.  There is then light.  I hear movement.  The ground floor tenant is coming out.  He pops his key in from his end.  Mine pops out.  Result.

I enter the hallway.  The tenant goes out, locking the door behind him. I try to enter the flat I am valuing.  The key will not work.  Realisation dawns that I am stuck.

I wont bore you too much but put it this way,  we had to call a locksmith.

Trapped for two hours.  That's me peering out as Mr JDG tries to rescue me.

Trapped for two hours. That’s me peering out as Mr JDG tries to rescue me.

Back in the office, Emma’s client has come through.  Three offers are made and thanks to Mr JDG and his negotiation skills, 3 offers are accepted.

I go to value another home.  Tenants occupy this home.  I am little perturbed to find Christmas Decs are up.  They tell me they like Christmas.  Obviously.


It’s completion day and we pleasantly discover we have 2 more completions than actually expected.  Two difficult sales have come together.  I like Fridays.  Happy buyers come and collect keys.  We have 7 completions in total.

I receive more calls about the home that wants renovating.  Our client is happy with buyer she has.  Please can we just put a sold sign on that house.  I now have a list of interested parties.  What else can we sell them?

Peter is out viewing all day, as it’s Darrens day off.  I spend most of the day on the phones.  It’s busy.  Very busy.  In fact I comment to Mr JDG it feels like 2005.  I book 27 viewings alone.  Peter calls in two offers.  Sadly one is rejected.  The other client has a house to sell.  We book a valuation on her property.

Beautiful flowers from a happy buyer.  We also sold this clients home too!

Beautiful flowers from a happy buyer. We also sold this clients home too!


Ask any agent and they should tell you that Saturday is the busiest day in the property market for any agent. That’s why at JDG it’s all hands on deck.  We have all been viewing today.  And it’s been a good day.  Peter has brought 2 offers in on a repossessed  home.  I have managed two and I hope of a 3rd  (the home with the woodland view).  The phones have had another crazy day,  in fact our diaries are so full,  we are struggling to find gaps until Wednesday.  Luckily we are have just employed a great young guy to join our team.  It’s looking likely that we can soon run two full-time viewers every day from our Lancaster Office alone.  I hope so.

About us

JDG Estate agents are Lancaster’s biggest selling agents.   We have been in the city for almost 25 years.  If you are interested in talking to us about selling your home,  please give us a call.   Telephone 01524 843322 or email me at 

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