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Do I need a floor plan?


Did you know back in the 1930’s home sellers often had floor plans of their homes?  Many people think they are recent addition to property details.  I used to think the same.  Until I was shown, by a client,  that actually they aren’t new at all.  They just somehow became lost in the passage of time.

There is no doubt about it.  Buyers love floorplans.  Buyers tell me this.  They tell me of their frustration when there is no floor plan to view.  But why are they so important.

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by Michelle Wilden,  JDG Estate Agents

This article has previously featured as a guest post for Vebra Solutions at

The winter months are here and you’re finding you are not as warm as you would like.  Maybe your concerns are about the raising costs in the energy sector.  It may be your home is simply is stone built and draughty.

We are not going to preach about changing your boiler or replacing your windows, although I would recommend improving your attic insulation.  For many,  these are expensive jobs and possibly not something you can afford to do right now.

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5 Top Tips to sell your home in November

It’s November.   The housing market is supposedly starting to slow and the excuse you hear from your agent is that’s the time of the year.  But is it really?

Houses are still selling.  In fact since the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme they are selling very well indeed.  So how can YOU secure that sale on your home.


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