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5 Top Tips to sell your home in November

It’s November.   The housing market is supposedly starting to slow and the excuse you hear from your agent is that’s the time of the year.  But is it really?

Houses are still selling.  In fact since the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme they are selling very well indeed.  So how can YOU secure that sale on your home.


Make your home cosy – Its cold out there.  Chances are it’s a dull day and it may even be raining.  Why not light the fire?  Switch on lamps.  Keep the heating on for the viewing.  Why not buy a scented plug-in.  A warm, delicious smelling home will sell much easier than a dank dull and cold property.

Update your photo’s – If you have put your home up for sale in the Summer,  chances are the garden and many accessories around the home highlight this fact.  Update your photo’s.  Show the home in a different light.  If a client has a real fire,  I always recommend we photo the room with it lit!

Autumn Leaves –  Gardens and yards always need helping hand this time of year.  Please don’t neglect it.  I know it’s hard with the colder weather,  but you can steal a march over your competition.  Sweep up leaves.  Buy some plants.  Holly and other berry producing plants always look great at this time of year.

Household Jobs –  Get those little house hold jobs fixed.  It will help sell your home and pay dividends later on.  Clear out the guttering.  Check your roof for any slipped tiles (these could become worse during the winter).  Do you have any draughts?  If so fix the problem.  You don’t want to put a potential buyer off.

Talk your agent – This might seem like common sense,  but ask your agent what can be done.  Suggest with them that they re-photo your home.  Ask them for ideas.  This of course is a two-way conversation.  What can you do?  What can they do!

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