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by Michelle Wilden,  JDG Estate Agents

This article has previously featured as a guest post for Vebra Solutions at

The winter months are here and you’re finding you are not as warm as you would like.  Maybe your concerns are about the raising costs in the energy sector.  It may be your home is simply is stone built and draughty.

We are not going to preach about changing your boiler or replacing your windows, although I would recommend improving your attic insulation.  For many,  these are expensive jobs and possibly not something you can afford to do right now.

Here are our cost effective tips to keep warm this winter.

1.  Let the sunlight in.

During daylight hours,  draw your curtains back and open your blinds.  Glass is a natural magnifier of heat.  Think about a conservatory.  The sun shines on the glass and creates a greenhouse effect and warms the room up.  The same theory can work in your other rooms.  It’s natural energy and it’s free!

2. Draw your curtains.

As dusk falls, draw your curtains and preserve your heat.  The thicker the curtains the better.  As a child my parents had both summer and winter curtains.  The winter curtains were thick and velour.  This method will help trap your heat in.

3. Close doors

This is such a simple tip.  By closing your doors you’ll keep heat and energy in your rooms. Did your parents never shout at you that you weren’t born in a barn! ( or is that just a Yorkshire saying? )

4. Draught Excluders and Rugs

images-2Concerns of being cold and saving energy are nothing new.  My elderly Aunt and Uncle always had a draught excluders that looked like a sausage dog by the door!   John Lewis sell some fantastic designs.  If you are fortunate to have traditional floorboards in your home,  why not invest in a rug for the winter.  It will help prevent the draught and create a much cosier feel.

5. Keep your heating on.

This always causes debate.  However I keep my heating on.  I believe by keeping it on constant and using thermostats, I use less energy then I would if it was constantly going on and off.

6. Wrap up warm

David Cameron recommended people wrap up warm to help reduce their fuel bill.  I don’t wish to cause outrage but I actually agree.  I am naturally a cold person.  It’s cold outside now.  By simply wearing a jumper indoors you can keep warmer.  I actually wear thermals under my suit.  There is nothing wrong in wearing cosy pyjama’s.  I have a throw on my sofa.  I like to be warm but my partner ( Mr JDG ) likes to be cool.  It’s compromise.

I once went to Iceland.  It was freezing.  An Icelandic person said to me there is no such thing as bad weather.  She told me my problem was inappropriate dress.  I have never forgotten that.

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