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Do I need a floor plan?


Did you know back in the 1930’s home sellers often had floor plans of their homes?  Many people think they are recent addition to property details.  I used to think the same.  Until I was shown, by a client,  that actually they aren’t new at all.  They just somehow became lost in the passage of time.

There is no doubt about it.  Buyers love floorplans.  Buyers tell me this.  They tell me of their frustration when there is no floor plan to view.  But why are they so important.

Here are my thoughts and findings.

  • Searching for a home for sale – When property hunting a floorplan can show buyers quite quickly if a home will work for them or not.  Pretend you are house hunting.  Maybe you are.  Need 3 double bedrooms?  At a glance the floorplan will show you.   Confused by the Estate Agents write up?  The floorplan acts as a map guiding you around the home.  Thinking about knocking walls down?  The floorplan can show you if its possible.  Floorplans have helped both sellers and buyers by attracting the right sort of viewer at the beginning.
  • Viewing a house – We like to take the floorplan out on viewings with us.  It allows a client to visualise the home easier as their own.  It can sometimes make a client understand the space and the potential the property offers easier.  A cluttered room can often look small on a viewing.  A floorplan shows it’s not.  We can demonstrate easier to you how a wall can be knocked down when we have the floorplan with us.  If your home as already had this done or indeed has been extended,  a floorplan shouts this fact out!
  • After the viewing – A floorplan often helps a client after the viewing.  Buyers can sit down and plan.  It reminds them of area’s they may have forgotten or even over looked.  It’s shows them what can be done.    It helps your buyer’s thinking process.

What do you think?  Do you agree?  If you were house hunting would you find a floor plan useful?

My suggestion is this.  Have a floorplan on your details.  Have it shown as a separate link on all of the property portals ( not as a photo ).  Make sure it is big,  it’s clear and it’s precise.  You’ll attract buyers who really are interested in buying you home.  And even if they still don’t,  you will get much better quality feedback.


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