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Do houses sell in December?

Selling your home in December?

December is here,  the Christmas Tree is going up and your estate agent is telling you the market has gone quiet.  Are you sitting there, thinking you will never get moved.  Have you already mentally written finding a buyer this month off?

Don’t.  That’s right.  Houses are still selling.

Chestnuts roasting in front of an open fire....

Chestnuts roasting in front of an open fire….

How can I say this?  Simple.  We are still selling houses!

It’s a fact the market has gone quieter.  There are less viewers out there,  however those that are viewing are more serious buyers.  They are the ones that don’t let a small thing like Christmas get in the way.

Here are my tips to help you get sold in December with a minimal stress

1.Christmas Decor

Life has to go on.  I am going against what many agents say about not decorating your home.  It’s Christmas.  Just decorate your home making sure it’s with taste and pride.  Try to control the size of tree you buy.  You don’t want to make your room look small.  If you have a fireplace a beautiful garland can really set it off.

2. The front door

I’m still talking Christmas Decor.  Make your home stands out from the crowd by showing your entrance some festive love.  A beautiful wreath will really set it off.

3. Chestnuts roasting in front of an open fire

Do you like our festive photo above?  Christmas is the time of year when it’s cold outside.  Turn on your fire.  Give the room a warming glow.  If you have a real open fire you are on to a winner if you light it.  A fire really is the heart of a home and comes into its own in the colder winter months.

4. Lighting

Switch on your lights.  Yes, that’s the lights on the tree and lights around the room.  Chances are it’s dull outside.  Bedside lamps create a cosy romantic feel.  Kitchen cabinet lights enhance worksurfaces.  A lamp in a lounge can light a dull corner and create a relaxing reading area.  Lights are very clever when used correctly.

5. Outside

Very boring but please keep your outside space clean and tidy.  Brush up dead leaves.  Move the rubbish which may have blown your way in the wind.  Cut back overgrown and dying plants.  My top suggestion is to add colour to your outside.  Evergreen trees and red berry plants are great for this.  Today I have seen hanging baskets with twinkling fairy lights.  They were fab.

What do you think?  It’s quite simple isn’t?  Keep a cupboard free to hide away all those bits and bobs so when your agent calls you can be quickly ready for viewing.

If you have any questions please feel to call me on 01524 843322 or tweet me @JDGEstateAgent

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