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Why has my house not sold?

My house hasn’t sold in 2013. Should I change my estate agent for 2014?

The newspapers are reporting an increase of house sales, there are reports of shortage of stock yet your home remains unsold.  You drive around and see sold signs everywhere you look.  You get frustrated, wondering to yourself, why has my home not sold?  Should I be changing agents?

As each year comes to a close, it’s a question on many a home sellers mind.  As an estate agent who wants your business it easy for me to say yes, change agents.  After all, just like other estate agents I want your business.  I want to be the agent to sell your home. However before we look at that option, I want you to look at these 3 area’s closely.  This is what we as an estate look at first. 

The Price
You need to be honest.  Is your home priced fairly?  I’m not talking about what you want or even what you think need.  Is it priced fairly against other similar houses which are both for sale and recently sold.  Remember buyers are going to compare your home to these houses. Do you offer good value for money?  If you are priced higher, why?  Ask yourself this.  What does your home offer that the other properties don’t?  What makes your asking price worth it?

The Presentation
Take a look at how your home is presented by both yourself and by your agent.  Walk around your home, looking at each room harshly.  Do you look cluttered?  Have you got cereal boxes on tops of the kitchen cupboards?  Do you have your shampoo bottles around your bath tub?
Look at your bedding.  Is it fresh, crisp and coordinated?  In your lounge are cushions plumped up.  Do your windows sparkle?  Is your garden trimmed back?  All of these things are important.  It’s what a potential buyer sees when they look at your brochure.
Next look at your brochure.  Would you buy your home based upon the photo’s?  Would you consider booking a viewing?  Superb photo’s are essential.  You and your agent need to work together to ensure they look good.  I say to many a client this.  Why do developers have show homes?  Think about it!

The Promotion
This really is down to your estate agent.  However you need to ask the following questions.  Where is your home being advertised? What websites?  Is Rightmove the only portal they use or are they on Zoopla and Prime Location too ( there are many more ).  What printed publications do they use?  How big is their current mailing list?  Is it up to date (if you hear they have 1000’s of buyers it most certainly isn’t!)Do they use it?  In fact if you are looking to move locally are they informing you of other potential homes for sale?  Do you have a for sale board?

How are you getting on? Can you see any changes you need to make yet. I am sure you can. If your home hasn’t sold, I am sure there are a few.

The next question to ask is why did you choose you current agent?  If you chose them because they gave you the highest price or indeed the lowest fee, you really should look at changing.

Highest Price.  Sadly some agents, do tell you want you want to hear.  What did you honestly think your home was worth before they came out to see you?

Lowest fee.  A low fee agent quite often has to cut service.  This might be in where there advertise.  It might be in the number staff they employ.  It could be they have basic software or no high street office.  Your home is your biggest asset.  It needs the best service to get you the best price.

Current Service
Ok.  So we have looked at the price, we have looked at your presentation and we have discussed the presentation.  We have briefly talked about over valuing and a low-cut price service.  The next and most important factor to me is your agents current service.

1. Do you like them?  If not, change agents now.
2. Are you getting viewings?  If you are great!
3. Are you getting feedback from the viewings?  You should be.
4. Is your agent really trying?  Are they making suggestions to you?  You may not like the suggestion, but are they trying to offer solutions?

No agent can promise to sell your home.  However at JDG we promise to try.  We believe we can.  We believe we are the best.  Our sales results speak for themselves.  They really speak volumes.

I am not trying to suggest your estate agent is bad.  I’m simply trying to offer you a solution.  I’m here to try to help identify why your home hasn’t sold.

A new year is a new start.  It brings a whole new batch of house hunters.  In fact these new searchers appear just after a Christmas with web traffic on the property portals being at it’s almost highest on Boxing Day.  Would a new start, a new agent, a fresh approach and renewed energy help your home sell?  Let me know what you decide!



Ps. If you are happy with your current agent, please may I give you a simple tip to help freshen things up?  Ask your agent to re photo your home.  New photo’s from different angles can work wonders!


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  1. Great blog! Things like smells and cleanliness are important too. There’s nothing worse than walking into a home that smells of wet dog! I even had a vendor once who had over 10 cats and they all did their business in the room they lived in, it was vile! Still managed to sell it, believe it or not!

    December 16, 2013
    • Thanks for your kind comments. Nothing worse than bad animal smells. The worse I have come across as to be Land Snails. Very interesting smell!

      January 21, 2014

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