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How to get the best price for your home

by Michelle Wilden,  Director

Do you want the best price for your home?

Most people when selling their home want the best price for their property.  It’s a fact.  It’s also human nature.  I hear people’s various reasons for wanting the most for their home from clearing debt’s,  needing £x to move on or their explanation of just how much they spent on it and basically they want to recoup as much as possible.

I listen.  I look around their home.  I advise.  I’d like to share my advise with you. This blog was inspired from being asked this question yesterday

What’s a property worth?

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The recipe of success!

We have teamed up with The Borough in Lancaster to bring you lot’s of tasty recipes.  This month is all about the Lancashire Hot Pot.  It’s a simple recipe,  but oh so tasty!

You may think it’s strange,  an estate agent blogging about food.  However our job is also a recipe.  The difference is our ingredients are hardwork, professionalism, customer care and a positive outlook.

So will you try The Borough’s Lancashire Pot?  My suggestion is do it.  Then if you haven’t done so,  go and dine at The Borough.  We all like it!

Let us know if you make it!

Let us know if you make it!

The difference with JDG is clear!


I don’t often use our blog and news page for our latest advertising campaigns,  however this is quite a new and quirky idea.

We believe we are different at JDG.  I have blogged about that before.  The blog inspired us to run a Spot the Difference campaign.

So here it is,  just for fun.  Can you spot the 7 differences in this puzzle?


Easy ways to improve your home to help it sell

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It won the bloggers award of the week.

Low Priced,  Simple Tips for everyone!

I get asked this question often.  I even broach the subject myself on many a valuation.  After all as an Estate Agent our job is to get our vendors the best price ideally in a time frame to suit.  Making a home as saleable as possible is a win, win for everyone.  I’m sure we can all see the logic in that.

My tips today are low priced tips.  Simple tips.  Tips for everyone regardless of their home price or their income.  We all live in our own way but when it comes to selling, we need to think a little differently.  Not quite like a show house but you get the idea.  I often joke,  prepare your home as if the mother-in-law was coming to visit!

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