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Easy ways to improve your home to help it sell

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Low Priced,  Simple Tips for everyone!

I get asked this question often.  I even broach the subject myself on many a valuation.  After all as an Estate Agent our job is to get our vendors the best price ideally in a time frame to suit.  Making a home as saleable as possible is a win, win for everyone.  I’m sure we can all see the logic in that.

My tips today are low priced tips.  Simple tips.  Tips for everyone regardless of their home price or their income.  We all live in our own way but when it comes to selling, we need to think a little differently.  Not quite like a show house but you get the idea.  I often joke,  prepare your home as if the mother-in-law was coming to visit!

1.  De- Clutter and Tidy

 Look at your rooms objectively.  Often by taking a photo and looking at it you can see easily what needs moving and hiding away.   Do you really need all those DVD’s and Books on display?  Why not put the kids toys into colourful storage boxes?  How about clearing off tops of wardrobes and kitchen cupboards?  Do this and buyers will instantly think you have more space.  Go to your bathroom.  Move the shampoo bottles.  Only show off nice pretty matching bathroom goodies please!

2.  Clean

If you were selling your car you would give it a good valet so why should your home be different?  Make your home spick and span.  Hoover, dust, if necessary shampoo the carpets.  Did you know by making your windows sparkle your home can appear much brighter.  I have an obsession with bathroom grouting.  Please clean it or re-grout.  You don’t want buyers thinking you need a new bathroom!

3.  Paint 

If your paintwork, walls or woodwork is looking a bit sorrowful or full of grubby handprints from the kids, think about freshening it up.  It really will make a huge difference and it isn’t that expensive to do.  The rewards will certainly outweigh the expense.  Buyers like freshness.

4.  Dress your home 

Low cost dressing can work wonders on your home.  I often recommend fresh white bedding to create that boutique hotel look.  New cushions for the lounge can quickly save an older sofa.  Flowers and fruit bowls strategically place add atmosphere and create a welcoming feel.   New matching towels can make your bathroom feel so much fresher and modern.

5.  Outside 

Does your home have kerb appeal?  Make your home look the best on the street.  If necessary paint your front door.  Change the door furniture.  Trim the hedge.  Clear up on litter even if it’s not yours.  Don’t forget your rear garden or even yard.  Move the bins from out of sight.  Pull out weeds as they appear.  Keep your garden neat and tidy.

A great looking garden can really seal the sale.  It’s often one of the reasons that a young family cite for moving.  Don’t forget this!

So there it is.  My low-cost tips that are simple and easy for all to do.  Do you agree?






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