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Who wears the trousers?

Ever read the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?  I have, years ago and as an estate agent, when it comes to selling houses, I think I have come to the conclusion that they are right.  Put simply, when buying a property,  boys and girls,  men and women are all looking at different things! My blog has been inspired by recent viewings,  both with single people house hunting and with couples.  I’d love to know if any of this sounds like you!  If you are looking to sell your home, or indeed trying, take note, our findings might help you!


The Location

The location of a house varies greatly in the mind of a man and woman.  Price is still obviously a major factor for all.  However when you take the price away….


Single female viewers (unless relocating for work)  seem to prefer to live in an area which is familiar.  Close to family and friends.  Close to a support network.  I have looked back at my friends from school.  Those who never left town for University,  all bought a house close to their families and friends.  Ok,  some of them have moved on but we will go over that in couples.


Men think differently.  They prefer to buy a house close to work.  To the single male, they view the house more as a crash pad.  Somewhere to put their head down.  Looking back at my male friends, this again sings true.  I used to think they wanted to be closer to town for a better night life.  However lets be kind and call it work!


Couples think differently.  They are planning for the future.  Location is important for very different reasons.  For many this reason is education.  School catchment areas can feature heavily.  That’s what has happened to my friends.  They have had families.  They have become a couple!  Priorities have changed.

What can we learn?

If your home is in a great catchment area for schools,  or close to some of the major employers,  make sure your agent remembers this in their marketing.  It can make a big difference in attracting the right buyer!


The Property

Men, do you do this?  View a house and start tapping walls?  Stand in the lounge and work out if your flat screen will fit.  Or look at a fab bathroom and your only thought is how powerful is the shower?  I have done viewings where men spend more time in the garage than kitchen.  I have valued houses where men are proud that the under stair cupboard fits all their tools (I was horrified they kept them there)  Most men look at properties in functional terms.  In maintenance terms.  From a very practical point of view.

Women are different.  Naturally they are more touchily feely and to be honest more visual.  Women view a house as a potential home.  Somewhere to feel safe and secure and when in couples often somewhere they can nest and bring up a family.   Women look out how the house can work for them and take note of the finer detail such as space to dine,  quality fittings,  more generous bedrooms and storage space such as an airing cupboard or a pantry.  Women like to see a house looking fresh and clean.  Smells are important.  They’ll comment on a well dressed bedroom or a lounge which is beautifully decorated and the cushions have been plumped.  It all makes a difference.  It’s one of the reasons developers have show houses.

Men look at the size of the room.  Women are more interested in the light,  the aspect,  the view.

Men and women really do look at things differently.  However in the bulk of cases men all want to keep the women,  their wife,  their girlfriend happy!

What can we learn?

On the whole,  women are the overall the decision makers.  If they don’t like the house,  it’s a definite no go.  If the man isn’t as a keen there is a chance he can talked be around!

A home however needs to appeal to everyone.  Those little maintenance jobs need finishing to appeal to the male viewer.  Space needs to be seen,  decluttering needs to be done.  Men want to see external storage space.  Somewhere to keep his tools,  the bicycles,  the camping equipment.

For the female viewer a house needs dressing.  A bunch of flowers,  plumped up cushions and a well dressed bed appeal.   Female viewers like a fresh, clean house.  Bathrooms and kitchens are important.  The main bedroom needs to be seen as somewhere to relax.

So, who wears the trousers when it comes to buying a house?  I have my thoughts.  What’s yours?

If you’d like any free advice on how to make your home appeal,  please give me call.

My name is Michelle Wilden.  I have been advising clients for 13 years in how to sell their home.  Can I help you?  Call me on 01524 843322 or tweet me @JDGEstateAgent

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  1. Great post Michelle, I found myself nodding along.

    February 25, 2014

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