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Hello. Have you ever wondered why some agents sell more houses than others?

It’s a question I get asked often.  And one which I love to answer, after all, not all estate agents are the same are they.  Just like you, we are different. Our people are different, the way work is all different.  In all industry’s from restaurants to hairdressers, hotels to estate agents, service, standards, skills and industry knowledge differs greatly.

In the property industry both experience and enthusiasm is essential.  Your home, or if you are a landlord, your investment is your biggest asset.  Just like you, we want you to get the price best price for it.  So, how do we do it?

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Make the most of your outside space

Spring is here.  Garden Centres are full of lovely plants and barbecues on sale.  The nicer weather is making people want to be outside having spent a wet winter cooped up indoors.

Here at JDG,  we are noticing this on viewings.  People are spending longer looking in the gardens at the properties they view.  They are thinking more of how the garden will work for them and their family.

When you have outdoor space adjacent to your home, you can show at it as an extension of your living room, creating an area where people can relax and socialize.  When you have a garden it’s easy to see where the kids can play or where there is space to grow your own veg, something which are finding becoming increasingly popular.

But what if you only have a small yard. What can you do then? My advise. Transform it.

I give this advise often to my clients.  In fact I give advice room by room,  but lets look at the yard today.  There’s lots of simply things we can do.

Here are my top 5 idea’s!

1. Power wash the concrete

Many back yards are concrete.  If you have paving, decking or indeed gravel you are already onto a winner.  If not, hire a power washer.  A good scrub, will make it look clean and feel fresh.

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