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7 Tips to Sell this Spring


Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and the selling is season is here!  If you are thinking of moving home now is the time.  However what can you do to ensure you are ahead of the competition, that your home shines and ultimately, you get the best price for it?




Here are our top 7 tips of the season


1. Let there be light

You can’t beat natural light, the sun streaming through the window.  Bright rooms lift moods, the sun shining makes people naturally feel happier.  Tie the curtains back.  Lift or tilt open the blinds.  Make sure your viewers feel the positive vibe of your home!

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What’s really cluttering up your home?

Did you know?  45% of people say that piles of junk would put them off buying a home.

Clutter.  It’s the bane of my life.  I’m not just talking professionally now.  I am talking personally too.

Often I can’t see it in my personal life.  Those items that I hoard or those fads that I go through.  In my line of work I should be able to see it easily in my home.  Is it strange that I can’t, or is it because in reality I am just like you?

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Is there a reason your home isn’t selling?

house for saleIf you are reading this article there is a chance that you are doing so, because of the title.  You are probably frustrated, wondering why your home hasn’t sold.  After all, you’ll be reading reports of an improved housing market, and it may even be possible that you have seen a property you wish to buy.  You may even feel that your life is on hold until you can get your home sold.  Does this sound like you?  What’s going wrong?

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