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Is there a reason your home isn’t selling?

house for saleIf you are reading this article there is a chance that you are doing so, because of the title.  You are probably frustrated, wondering why your home hasn’t sold.  After all, you’ll be reading reports of an improved housing market, and it may even be possible that you have seen a property you wish to buy.  You may even feel that your life is on hold until you can get your home sold.  Does this sound like you?  What’s going wrong?



Why did you choose your current estate agent?

What made you choose your current estate agent?  Were you lured in by the prospect of a cheap fee?  If so are you feeling like you now have a cheap service?  I’d love to know, are you getting viewings and more importantly, do you get feedback from those viewings?  What contact do you have with your agent?  Have they given you have any idea, what’s stopping your home selling and more importantly what you need to do about it?

A sad fact

It’s a known fact that over 60% of all home sellers will not sell with the first agent.  Does that figure surprise you?  It was quoted to me by our Zoopla area manager.  I was shocked and saddened.  After all it’s simply not the case at JDG.  Far from it.  But why does this happen.  Why has your home not sold?


First of all.  Is your estate agent really selling your home?

Estate Agency is far more than just sticking on your house on the internet and hoping for the phone to ring.  Selling a property is personal.  It’s about people and you may be surprised about lifestyles.  For some this might be their next home, for others it’s a pension fund.  For some it’s a business.  An estate agent needs to know who their registered buyers are.  What they are looking for and why?  They need to be proactive.  They need to talk to them in their terms.  But to do this, they need to know your property, inside and out.  At JDG we do, I’d love to let you know how we do it.  Here’s just some of our tips!


Our top 5 tips

Check out the agent you choose

Before you instruct an estate agent, why don’t you check them out?  Look at their website to see how easy it use and how much info it gives, check on there how many properties they have sold.  Give them a call, (striking off any agent which uses an answer machine) and question them, test their knowledge and helpfulness.  Book a viewing on a property which you are potentially interested in and see how they show that house.  Have a look at them on social media sites like Facebook.  You can find out lots there!

Clear photo’s are essential.

A photo really does speak a thousand words.  Photo’s need to be bright and rooms need to be prepped.  We advise all of our clients how best to stage a home for a sale.  We specialise in this.
People will actually discard a home if they don’t like what they see on a photo.  Let’s work together and make your home stand out.

A lifestyle description

Listing a property room by room and telling you that it has windows, doors and radiators is no longer good enough.  Before long one property merges into another and they all start to sound the same.  We changed our style a few years a go.  We wanted to describe the home, the feel of the property. We like to highlight the features and give a feeling of the property’s atmosphere.  It’s all about capturing a buyers attention!

Floor plans are essential

I love floor plans and I know we offer the best the industry.  Buyers tell me this!  A floor plan is in reality a photo which shows potential viewers in one simple look, the layout of your home.  It also ensures that more likely buyers will visit your property.  After all they can now see the exact size and layout. Buyers can even quickly work out if their furniture will fit.

Who’s showing your home?

This is so important.  I can never understand why some agents have this as a casual role, part-time or employ weekend staff to show your property.  A home needs showing properly.  It’s not a matter of just opening a door and allowing someone to look around.  We have dedicated viewers.  Experienced people and to be honest, they are sales people.  They are there to ‘sell’ your home.  Did you know there is actually an order each room should be showed in?  Do you know what that order is for your home?  I’ll happily let you know!

Quote of the day

I’m going to end with this quote.  Before I do though, let me tell you this.  We are not the cheapest agent in town, you’ve probably gathered that.  But you may be pleased to know that we are also not the most expensive!

“Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.”
Warren Buffet


My name is Michelle.  We have been advising clients on how to sell their home for over 25 years.  I am proud to say we have a great success rate at JDG.  If you’d like a 2nd opinion on your property sale, please give me call. Our advise is free.  I believe there is a buyer out there for everything.  I believe JDG can help.



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