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What’s really cluttering up your home?

Did you know?  45% of people say that piles of junk would put them off buying a home.

Clutter.  It’s the bane of my life.  I’m not just talking professionally now.  I am talking personally too.

Often I can’t see it in my personal life.  Those items that I hoard or those fads that I go through.  In my line of work I should be able to see it easily in my home.  Is it strange that I can’t, or is it because in reality I am just like you?

I advise clients often about clutter.  I point out what seems to be the obvious, the cereal boxes on tops of kitchen units which indicate not enough storage, the shampoo bottles around the bath tub and the suitcase which is often found on top of wardrobe, again indicating not enough storage and often looking a bit messy ( I need to practise what I preach! ).  Sometimes clients tell me they really need this stuff.  We normally end up comprising for photo’s and I can only hope that they hide them away for viewings!

But then today,  I was sent this infographic.  It’s research from the property website needaproperty.  It was like a lightbulb moment. It’s not the cereal boxes causing the clutter.  It’s every day life.  Take a look at this graph and read on!


The bedroom

Did you know 25% of all clutter we have is in our bedrooms.  Did you have any of the biographies on the list?  I’m afraid to say Mr JDG does!  What else do we hoard there?  Think clothes, shoes, bag, often magazines.  How much jewellery do you have on display.  I’m having a proper cull.  We all have clothes we never wear.  Think of the space you can make in your wardrobe! I’m going to finally accept that my size 10 clothes won’t fit me, I might even part with a few pairs of shoes!  Our bedrooms will look much bigger!


The bathroom

What’s in your bathroom?  A mismatched array of bathroom products around the bathtub?  I’m thinking shampoo bottles, hair conditioners, bubble bath and shower gels.  Whats on your windowsill?  Go on take a look, what do you have there?  Now I agree, we do need some of the stuff, I know I do, but could you hide it away in cupboard or even buy a couple of pretty baskets to pop it all into?  Your bathroom will look so better and fresher to buyers for doing so!


The kitchen

I cringed when I looked at the kitchen on this infographic.  I have 4 of the cookbooks.  I only use two.  I have baking utensils coming out of my ears (it was a fad I went through last year, although I do still like to bake, honest, I do!)  Take a look around your kitchen.  Do you have cereal boxes and juice bottles out on display?  Do you work surfaces look cluttered?  If you want to sell your home, I suggest you clear your work surface as much as possible.  I have written a blog on how to present your kitchen for sale, take a read. There are some useful tips. (


The lounge

A lounge for many is the main room in the house, or at the very least, the room you often spend most of your time in.  Often we collect lots of items in here.  We have ornaments and photo’s on display, we may have books, cd’s and dvd’s.  I have magazines and paperwork from work, it all needs hiding away.  Can I suggest if you are thinking of moving home, anything you have not touched for the past few months, gets boxed up and stored away.  It will make it easier for moving day. If you are a family, you may have kids toys out. A toy box in this instance can work wonders!


The shed and garage

I often tell my clients anything they box can be put in here ready for moving day, however buyers still want to see the space you have.  Is your shed like mine?  Lots of halve used paint tins?  Empty boxes that you feel you need to keep, or has the garden equipment just been put in there so you can’t see the rear?  The last time I moved, I started emptying the shed garage early on, it really does make it much easier on moving day and potential buyers can then see how much space you have!
De-cluttering every day life, really does help sell a home.  I advise my clients this when I carry out home consultations.  I also advise on a whole lot more and help create a tailored action plan to help you get the best price for your home.  It works.  It helps homes sell quicker and quicker sales generally attract higher prices.


If you are thinking of moving, please give me a call.  My name is Michelle and I am the branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.




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  1. This is a brilliant article. I think so many of us have this exact same problem. We don’t realise we’re collected clutter or hoarding useless items until we go to move or have a sort out. This article is a real eye opener.

    April 22, 2014
    • Thanks very much. It’s really strange how clutter can just sneak up on us all!

      May 12, 2014
  2. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted
    to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I
    hope you write again soon!

    May 12, 2014

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