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7 Tips to Sell this Spring


Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and the selling is season is here!  If you are thinking of moving home now is the time.  However what can you do to ensure you are ahead of the competition, that your home shines and ultimately, you get the best price for it?




Here are our top 7 tips of the season


1. Let there be light

You can’t beat natural light, the sun streaming through the window.  Bright rooms lift moods, the sun shining makes people naturally feel happier.  Tie the curtains back.  Lift or tilt open the blinds.  Make sure your viewers feel the positive vibe of your home!

2. Time for a Spring Clean

Did your Grandma ever used to talk about the annual spring clean?  Now, is the time to listen to her.  A clean house is a must.  A clean home is fresh.  Buyers like to touch, run their hands over your work surfaces.  Make your home sparkle!


3. Create Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is one of my favourite tips.  Make your home stand out from the rest.  Paint your front door, polish your brasses.  If you live in a terrace home, I believe a pretty window box or a flowering hanging basket can really make your home stand out on a photo and attract more viewers.


4. Add Flowers

Add colour to your home with flowers.  I’m a fan of colourful tulips.  Bringing the spring into your home cheers up everyone.  Flowers can brighten up a dull corner.  Flowers can look great on a kitchen windowsill or as centrepiece on a dining table.  Everyone likes flowers!


5. Dress your kitchen

Make the most of your kitchen.  Clear the work surfaces.  Clean the floor.  Make your stainless steel sink and appliances gleam.  Now make your kitchen look healthy.  Fresh fruit displayed in a glass bowl (I have limes and oranges in my own home) add a zesty fresh feel.  Why not have some fresh herbs on window ledge, it looks far better than the washing up liquid!


6. Brighten up the bathroom

You can probably tell now that I believe a clean and bright home will sell.  The same rules applies in your bathroom. How does your grouting look?  Make it white again!  Then dress your bathroom with fluffy matching towels and coordinated bathroom goodies.  I love the colourful soaps in Lush for this.  A vase full of bath bombs can smell and look fantastic!


7. Make the most of your outside space

Now the better weather is here, buyers are spending longer lingering in the garden, imagining themselves enjoying the sunnier weather.  Make the most of this. I f you have outside space, you can steal a march on your competition.  Neaten the garden, cut the grass.  Even if you only have a small space you can add colour with potted plants and wall baskets.  I’d advise investing in a small table and chairs.  Show buyers there is the space to sit out and relax!


These simple tips are written to help you get the best priced for your home by making your home stand out from the rest.  We have lots of tips to share and would love to give you a bespoke plan to help you get the best price.


At JDG we are selling houses.  Many are selling quickly.  We give all of our clients free moving advice and home staging tips, it’s part of our standard service.  Why not give us a call.  A simple chat with us might just mean you getting a great price for your property and a quicker sale!


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