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Give your home a luxury look for selling success!

Are you looking to sell your property?  Why not give your home a luxury makeover.  It needn’t cost a fortune but could make a great difference when buyers come and view.  These simple tips will take your home for ordinary to extraordinary and make you stand out from the crowd.



Make your ceilings feel higher with drapes Full length drapes

Hanging floor to ceiling curtains can really give your home a luxury look.  I’ve done this several times before (it was a tip given to me an interior designer) and it works. Remember to hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and allow them to hang just above the floor.

Add cushionsCushions

Cushions are fab way to update a living room.  Rather than go for the same style throughout why not trying mixing them up with a variety of sizes, fabric and textures.  To me cushions are like a fashion accessory.  Great shoes can change an outfit.  Great cushions can change the look of a sofa.



Get De-cluttering Cushions-2

Have you ever noticed that the most luxurious of homes are clutter free?  On holiday I often peer in estate windows at luxury holiday homes.  At home I read home magazines and never do you see any clutter.  Make your home look like these.  If you can’t bear to part with items box them up.  I even had one client who created a junk cupboard.  In went things she couldn’t bear to part with but needed to be kept out of sight!  If you have kids, a great idea is to invest in a toy box!



Display ArtworkTrees help sell

Luxury homes often have great oversized artwork on display.  In many luxury homes its a place to showcase a collection.  Lets pinch the look.  I love places like TK Maxx where you can get ornate looking surrounding in a contemporary surround.  Have your favourite photo’s enlarged, or feature a print of a famous painting to get the look.


Flowers and Candles  Trees help sell-2

Luxury homes smell beautiful.  And nothing screams more about luxury then fresh flowers and candles.  The beauty with flowers is that they look great everywhere and you can choose your colours to match your room, tie in with your cushions or simply inject colour.  I personally love white flowers with green foliage.  You could of course cheat like I have done, there are some great artificial displays available.  Candles smell beautiful.  Did you know that vanilla is though to be the smell of luxury?  I love candles.  My personal favourite are Jo Malone, however I do stock up often at TK Maxx!


Luxurious Rugs Trees help sell-3

I love thick, toe sinking rugs.  I have lots of hard flooring at home, so I have softened it with deep rugs.  I love sheepskin and have these rugs thrown over my sofa.  It’s strange but friends always stop to stroke them and when I used to work in show homes, many a client would often stop and feel the rugs.  Strange but true! Rugs are also great as centre pieces in a room and if large enough can look fab under a dinning table.



Statement Light Fittings Trees help sell-4

Light fittings don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.  There’s some great ones available now in stores such as BHS, B&Q and Next.  Look through magazines, take a look on Pinterest.  Luxury homes feature big light fittings.  I love over sized lamp shades.  I love chandeliers.  A chandelier can look really elegant over a dining room table or romantic in a bedroom.  Have a go.  You may be surprised!


Do you have any luxury for less idea’s that we have not mentioned?  I’d to hear what they are and we can share them with our clients.


Until next time






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  1. Great article Michellle – simple things that make a big difference. Love it!

    May 13, 2014
  2. Definitely..!
    that luxury look will help to all those peoples who looking properties for sale

    August 6, 2014

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