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7 tips to help your home sell this summer

The summer is here.  The weather is hotting up and you are wanting to move.  Everywhere looks brighter, everybody’s garden is looking its best. The question is what can you do to look better.  How can you help your home sell?  Here are my 7 top tips for the summer months!



1. Cut your lawn

Very simple but often overlooked or forgotten about.  A neat lawn makes your home stand out.  It enhances your garden.  A freshly cut lawn makes your home looked love.  Families viewing your house can imagine the kids playing out.  Cut your lawn for your photo’s but please also keep it freshly cut for viewings!

2. Make your house look pretty

I often talk to sellers about kerb appeal.  Only this week I have a had young man roll his eyes at me and told me I was going all girly!  But girly sells.  Pretty sells.  If you don’t have a front garden dress the front of your home with a flowering window box or hanging basket.  Just so you know, he has followed my advice!


3. Show your front door some love

Imagine that your buyer arrives early and they stood waiting at your front door.  What do they see?  This is one of the first impressions buyers have of your home.  My suggestion is make sure your door is clean off traffic grime.  If it’s wooden I would repaint it.  Make sure your door number and letter box shine.  Check that your doorbell is working!


4. Bring out your Summer wardrobe

My parents used to have a winter set of curtains ( thick heavy and warm ) and a summer set which were much lighter in both material and colour.  Looking back their curtains were to do with keeping the warmth in, however the idea is still great.  We have clothes for winter and summer.  Let’s do the same with your home.  Brighten it up with light floaty curtains.  Swap the cushions for lighter, brighter fabrics.  Inject colour.  Make your home scream Summer!


5. Accessorize your kitchen

Everyone seems to be on a health kick in the summer so let’s make your kitchen look healthy too.
Grow your own herbs on your kitchen windowsill.  Fill a vase with limes and lemons.  Add zesty looking accessories (Joseph has some fab ones).  Make your kitchen look like summer!
Remember to keep it looking sparkling clean.  That means a gleaming oven and shiny taps too!


6. Wash those windows

Clean windows are a simple but most effective tip.  If you need to employ a window cleaner to pop by every 2 weeks.  We want the light to stream in and enhance your home.  You don’t want the sun shine to show every speck of dirt.  Buyers often will stand at the window to admire the view.  Don’t let them be distracted!


7. Your outside space

Make the most of whatever outside space you have.  If you have a garden you are a very lucky.  Gardens are high up on wish lists with viewers this Summer.  If you only have a back yard though please don’t despair.  Steal a march on the competition.  Add colour with plants and tree’s in tubs.
If you haven’t got one buy a small outside table and chairs.  You could paint the walls to brighten it up and give it a mediterranean feel.  I want you to create a space where buyers can imagine themselves relaxing outdoors. Chairs, flowers, cushions, candles… little things can make a big difference.

These are just some of the tips we have to help your home sell.  We have so many more.  If you would like a free bespoke moving plan on how to enhance your home for sale, please give us a call.  We want your home to sell. We want you to get the best price for it.  This is why we offer this service as part of your home moving consultation.  Call us for your free market appraisal.

Thanks for reading,  I really hope I have helped you!



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  1. Love the blog, great tips

    June 16, 2014
  2. Bob Tenant #

    I’ve been working with landlords up close for more than ten years. I’ve seen properties come and go and I just want to add a few tips of my own.

    Invest in your home

    If you want to sell good, you want to make your home as good as you’d like it. That means, unless you can convince yourself it’s a good home and it deserves it’s price, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to convince anybody else.

    Looks sell

    Even if your home doesn’t look like the Mona Lisa, you can fake it.
    A fresh new paint job on the fence.
    Well maintained garden (you can literally buy flowers and transfer them in the garden with some help just to make it look legit) is a must, if you have one.
    Some exterior decoration and design is helpful. If you have the space, make an outdoor lounge area with a stylish table, two chairs and an umbrella.
    Get the interior in shape – hide the scratches, polish the wood, metal and perform a deep clean on every square inch, or hire somebody to do it for you.

    Work on your presentation skills

    You’re home will sell good, only if you’re good enough to sell it. That means, you need to emphasize on the benefits and try to hide the flaws as much as possible. It might not be the fair-est thing to do, but you want to nail that price, right ?
    However, also be honest about a lot of things. The new buyers will scan you, so try to not alter the truth in the general case.

    Hope these help 🙂 Best of luck to all sellers 🙂

    August 4, 2014
  3. Very useful advices. Really easy to be done but I’ve never though about them. You surprised me with the 3th tip. Thank you for the tips!

    October 13, 2014
  4. Great tips here, thanks for sharing this article with us.


    October 27, 2014

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