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What Alex Ferguson taught JDG Estate Agents

Love him or loathe him, you have to agree Alex Ferguson was the greatest team manager ever.  He did this by surrounding himself with people who all did the individual roles better than he could himself.

Sir Alex believed in great teamwork.  Here at JDG we like to think we have done this ourself.  Our team are our greatest asset.  Individually we have some great players.  Put us together we have a formidable team.




Our Team


We look at our team as we if we were the best football squad ever.  Anyone of us can make that sale.  Some of us are there to set up the sale, to introduce the viewer to the property.  Others of us are there to strike, to convert that viewing into a sale, and in essence score the goal.  We have our defence, the team members who make sure the sale goes through to completion.  For us a sale falling through, is liking conceding a goal!

Our set up is quite unique.  In many estate agencies, the viewer, the valuer, the photographer, the sales negotiator can all be one person.  At JDG we recognise that different people have different strengths.  Our team could play in any position.  We have trained them to do so.  However we’ve also discovered a great sales person isn’t always the best administrator and vice versa!  We play our team to their strengths.  How do you think we score so many goals?  Or should I say seriously now, make so many sales?


I’m often asked what’s unique about JDG. I could name a few things, but in reality it’s us.  It’s our people.  It’s our team.  We have lots of new idea’s.  We adapt often.  But as we do we see our competition following suite, as they see our idea’s work.  So like Alex Ferguson we adapt more, making sure we are in front!

It’s our people who make our team.  It’s their skills that sell a home.  We invest in their training. Here’s an insight how to our skill set works.  We call it’s the 4 P’s.



Getting your price pitched right is the first step.  We want you to get the best price for your home.
We also want it to sell.  We look at what the market is doing.  We look at what has sold.  More importantly we look closely at your home.  What do you offer?  How do you compare?

Is your home not selling? Take a look at the price.  Look at the price of other similar properties for sale?  How do you compare?  Do you need a 2nd opinion?



Great presentation is essential.  That’s both how you have your home (I’m talking de-cluttering, simple home staging etc…) and also how the estate agent presents your home for sale with their photo’s.  Poor photos can stop a home selling.  You may find you have very few people looking around.  Make them look too good and you’ll find you have lots of disappointed viewers.  It’s a fine balance!

What do your photos look like?  If you are experiencing either problem, give me a call.  My background is marketing.  I’ll give you my honest opinion with no obligation or pressure.



What resources does your estate agent have? More importantly which ones do they utilise?
You don’t want your home being the best kept secret.  It needs to be openly marketed.  Are you on all of major property portals?  Do they use social media (we have great success from facebook).  More importantly does your agent use a mailing list?  A good telling sign is if they tell you about properties coming up for sale!  Make sure you are clearly visible on your agent’s office wall and window.  At JDG we have recently installed light boxes to make sure your home stand out.

Buyers still prefer to use high street estate agents.  A recent survey conducted by Johnston Press, rated the actual office high on the list of buyers priorities when housing hunting.  57% of buyers still thought this was essential.



It still comes back to the people.  Our team.  We need the right people to ensure the above is executed perfectly.

Anyone can take a photo.  But it’s how they take it.
Anyone can write a set of details.  But it’s how they word it.
Anyone can speak to you.  But it’s how they engage with you.  How they help.
Anyone can show you a property.  But it’s how they do it.


Back to Alex Ferguson.  He looked to bring the best out of people.  He certainly did that.  He recognised talent and he natured it.  He believed in great teamwork.  That’s all we try to do at JDG.


If you’d like any moving advice please call us.  Our home consultations are free.  We give you advice how to get the best price for you home.  We are to help you.  Call us on 01524 843322 or 409100

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