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Struggling to Sell? 5 things you can do to try and get more viewings

Are you trying to sell your home?  Are you on the market and wondering why you aren’t getting many viewings?  Do you drive past similar homes only to see a sold board staring back at you?  Are you frustrated?  If so, what can you do to get more viewings?




Here are our top 5 suggestions

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Selling your home using your five senses




See.  Smell.  Touch.  Listen.  Feel

Have you ever just walked into a house and known it’s the one for you?  If you have you’ll know it’s a feeling.  Many home owners tell me, “It just felt right” or “I just knew”.  Something when they viewed triggered a feeling.

Staging your home is not all just about how a home looks.  It also about how it feels.  How it smells.  People buy with their emotions,  and emotions are triggered by the senses.  We need to appeal to them, to attract them, to encourage them to buy.  If we can appeal to all the senses, there is a great chance your viewer will form a bond with your home,  and more importantly go on to buy it.
I chatted about this with a new client yesterday.  I thought I would share our chat with you.

Let’s look at each of the 5 senses and how they can help you.

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Can the colour yellow help sell your home?

Yellow.  The colour of happiness.  The colour of the sun.

The colour yellow is often associated with laughter and hope.  It’s a colour which is bright.  It’s fresh and zesty.  But did you know it can actually help you sell your home.

Before you panic, I am not suggesting you paint your walls and doors yellow.  My suggestion is easier, more subtle and will enhance what you already have.  We don’t want to overwhelm people.  We want to evoke an emotion.  We want them to feel happy.  We want them to feel summer inside your home!

Yellow can be used in different rooms and in different places.  It can be used in different shades.  It can brighten a room with darker furniture.  It can make a north facing room feel sunny!
Here are my simple, lets accessorise with Yellow Tips.

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