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Can the colour yellow help sell your home?

Yellow.  The colour of happiness.  The colour of the sun.

The colour yellow is often associated with laughter and hope.  It’s a colour which is bright.  It’s fresh and zesty.  But did you know it can actually help you sell your home.

Before you panic, I am not suggesting you paint your walls and doors yellow.  My suggestion is easier, more subtle and will enhance what you already have.  We don’t want to overwhelm people.  We want to evoke an emotion.  We want them to feel happy.  We want them to feel summer inside your home!

Yellow can be used in different rooms and in different places.  It can be used in different shades.  It can brighten a room with darker furniture.  It can make a north facing room feel sunny!
Here are my simple, lets accessorise with Yellow Tips.


Which yellow suits you?

The lounge

Add yellow through fabrics.  I’m thinking cushions.  Maybe a rug and certainly with flowers.  Cushion don’t have to bright yellow.  There are so many shades.  A cushion with hues of yellow in the pattern.  Stack them on your sofa for a luxurious look!


The kitchen

Have fun with lemons.  Not only are they useful and great for your health, lemons look great when simply stored in a glass vase.  They add colour.  They brighten the room.

If your kitchen is white, you could inject yellow easily.  Think of a sunny yellow blind.  If you have space to dine, why not invest in some yellow chairs.  I’ve seen this done and it looked fab.  Your kitchen wants to look bright and zesty.  It wants to be where people want to gather!


In the bathroom

Ever thought about yellow in your bathroom?  Being so fresh, it could be the perfect colour.  Accessorise with towels.  Add a yellow shower curtain.  If you are feeling braver, introduce yellow into your tiles.  Make it fun and bring out the rubber ducks!


In the bedroom

I love crisp white bedding in a bedroom, however if your room is feeling a little dull, yellow can brighten it up.  If you want to be brave there are some fabulous feature wallpapers which have yellow tones.  If you’d rather play it safer, add a bed throw and some scatter cushions.  You could also try a couple of bedside lamps.


In the garden

Now you have a sunny home inside, make sure your zesty theme follows through to your outside space.  Add yellow flowers into your planting schemes.  Add yellow outdoor cushions to your seating arrangements.
What are your thoughts on yellow?  It doesn’t have to be bright.  Yellow can also be mellow.  My thoughts are add a burst of sunshine colour to help you have selling success!


If you would like any tips on how to get your home sold, please get in touch.  We’d love to help you get moving.  You can reach us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100









Ps.  If you’ve enjoyed this blog,  you might enjoy reading  7 tips to help you sell this Summer.




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