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Selling your home using your five senses




See.  Smell.  Touch.  Listen.  Feel

Have you ever just walked into a house and known it’s the one for you?  If you have you’ll know it’s a feeling.  Many home owners tell me, “It just felt right” or “I just knew”.  Something when they viewed triggered a feeling.

Staging your home is not all just about how a home looks.  It also about how it feels.  How it smells.  People buy with their emotions,  and emotions are triggered by the senses.  We need to appeal to them, to attract them, to encourage them to buy.  If we can appeal to all the senses, there is a great chance your viewer will form a bond with your home,  and more importantly go on to buy it.
I chatted about this with a new client yesterday.  I thought I would share our chat with you.

Let’s look at each of the 5 senses and how they can help you.



Take a look around.  What can you see?  How does your home really look?  Is there too much furniture?  Do you have clutter?  Are the kids toys scattered everywhere?  Our sight is one of our most used senses.  We look at properties online and from the photo’s we see we decide if we intend to book a viewing.  Presentation really is everything when it comes to selling your home.



How does your home smell?  An inviting home will smell wonderful.  Big business use smells to make you buy.  Luxury furniture stores often use the smell of vanilla.  Brand new cars have distinct positive new leather smell.  Think of your favourite hotel.  Or the smell of the sea.  Or freshly cut grass.  We want your home to smell in a positive way.  This is really important.  Especially if you have animals or if you smoke.  A favourite tip of mine is to pop a vanilla pod into the oven.  If you can’t do this invest in a couple of plug ins.  Nothing too strong though!



Buyers like to touch.  They often do it without even realising.  I used to work in show houses and it was one of my biggest findings.  You may even do it yourself without realising.  Because of this, it’s really important your work surfaces are dust free!  But it’s more than this.  Add texture to your home.  A throw on the bed.  Soft cushions.  In my own home I have sheepskin rugs which soften the leather sofa’s.  Believe me.  It works.



What can you hear?  I’m not talking traffic noise.  This is something which even I can’t change!  Stop and listen.  Is your home all about the peace and quiet?  Can your hear the birds in the garden?  If so why not leave your windows open.  Point this out in your marketing.  We’d even encourage buyers to listen on viewings.  Sound can create an atmosphere in a home. The show home I worked in used to play soft music.  I know this idea sounds American but done well, it really can work.



Taste is essential to many businesses, particularly in the food and drink industry.  However when it comes to home selling it is one of the hardest senses to appeal to.
However, why not leave cold drinks out for your viewers, or if you are showing your home yourself offer to make them a drink.  Potential buyers will linger longer enabling you the time to really show off your home!

I hope you have enjoyed our blog.  We love to share our selling tips with you. If you are thinking of selling and would like more bespoke tailored advice, please call me.  Our home consultation  service is free and includes both home moving tips and a free valuation of your home.  Call us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100


Thanks for reading



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