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Struggling to Sell? 5 things you can do to try and get more viewings

Are you trying to sell your home?  Are you on the market and wondering why you aren’t getting many viewings?  Do you drive past similar homes only to see a sold board staring back at you?  Are you frustrated?  If so, what can you do to get more viewings?




Here are our top 5 suggestions

1. Take a serious look at your details

How does your brochure look? Look at the photo’s.  Look at the wording.  Are you really happy with it?  What do your photo’s really say?  I’ve recently seen agents photo’s with rain splashes on the camera lens, rooms which look like the house is subsiding and photo’s which somehow look colourless.  Your brochure is the back bone of everything.  It doesn’t matter how people house hunt, they’ll ultimately look at your brochure before booking a viewing.  Treat it as if it was holiday brochure.  Make sure your brochure shows your home off to its best advantage


2. Consider simple home staging

Sometimes a home needs to be dressed. Just like we accessorise our outfits for a night out, we need to dress our homes. Consider giving your rooms a co-ordinated look. Brighten up your sofa with new cushions.  Accessorise your kitchen with matching appliances.  Buy fresh towels for the bathroom and bring out your best bathroom goodies.  I like white bedding and plumped up pillows in the bedroom.  Don’t forget to buy some flowers and fresh fruit for the kitchen, all great props for your new photo’s


3. Arrange for new photo’s

Now you have dressed your home, it’s time to get some new photo’s.  Don’t just accept a quick snap, these photo’s need to look great.  When is the best time of the day to capture your home thinking of the sunlight?  Make sure your photo’s are bright and crystal clear.  Did you know homes on Rightmove with blue skies generate more interest than homes with grey miserable skies.  Please also make sure your photo’s are straight!  Photos’ are there to grab buyers attentions.  Make sure yours do for the right reasons.



4. How does your price compare

Forget what price you want, or even what price you need.  How does your price compare to the houses you are competing against.  Do you offer value for money?  If you are asking more for your home, I want to know why.  More importantly potential viewers need to know why.  You need to justify your price and to do so you need to show off your best features.  What do you offer that they don’t?  Why should somebody buy your home rather than a different property?  Make a list and make sure it’s enhanced in your listing.



5. Talk to your agent

Many tell me this is the hardest thing to do, yet I believe it the easiest.  Your agent should be approachable.  They should know your onward plans, your reason for moving.  If anything they should be your friend.  Ask them.  What can we both do to get my house sold?  The key word is both.  Try it.  You are not blaming them.  You are asking for help. And agents like me love to help!



Try these idea’s.  They need cooperation from your agent.  A good agent will happily help and even advise you all of the above.  If you are finding they won’t, maybe it’s time to change.

My name is Michelle.  I am the senior branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  If you would like any further advice or a bespoke moving plan, please get in touch.  Our advice is free, we love to help.  You can contact us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100








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  1. I like looking through an article that will make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

    October 7, 2015

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