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Create that show house look!

Have you ever wondered why new build companies such as Barratt Homes, Persimmon Homes and locally Story Homes have show homes?  Why do they spend £10,000’s creating that perfect look?  Why do they go to such much trouble and effort?


Show houses are staged.  They go beyond a lick of paint and good clean.  Show houses are dressed to create a mood and to instill desire.  They somehow look bigger, brighter, warmer and cleaner.  They feel loved.  More importantly though, they make buyers want to buy them.  They are aimed to appeal to their targeted buyer.  I know this.  I used to work in show homes!


You may now be thinking that show homes are all about newness.  You may think that you can’t afford to rush out and buy all new furniture.  I’m not going to ask you too.  Instead I am going to ask you to be inspired by them.  To get their look by pinching their carefully researched idea’s! I have broken the show house look down into sections.  Some items will incur costs.  Some will be free.  All are designed to have a positive effect on your home and help it sell easier for the best possible price.



Here are my top 10 idea’s to give your home that show home magic!

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Do you want to be moved by Christmas? Now is the time to act!

Christmas.  I can’t believe I am even thinking about the festive period in December.  I haven’t bought a single present, or even discussed who in the family is celebrating where.  Today, however I have been told by a new client, they would like to be moved by Christmas.  There current home is just going up for sale and their vision is to be sat around a big family table in their own home on Xmas Day.  They want a large Xmas tree.  The question is, is it possible?  I believe it still is.

Do you want to move by-2


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Is your home viewing ready?

You’ve put your home up for sale and the estate agent calls to arrange viewing.  Are you ready?  By this, I mean does your home scream out buy me?  Unless you live in a show house probably not.  Most people have to “live” in their home.


My friend panics every time the estate agent calls.  She has two active children.  Life simply can’t be put on hold.  Her home certainly isn’t viewing ready.  Does this sound familiar to you?  If so, what can you do to get ready quickly and easily!






Here are our quick top tips to make sure your home is easily ready to view!

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