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Is your home viewing ready?

You’ve put your home up for sale and the estate agent calls to arrange viewing.  Are you ready?  By this, I mean does your home scream out buy me?  Unless you live in a show house probably not.  Most people have to “live” in their home.


My friend panics every time the estate agent calls.  She has two active children.  Life simply can’t be put on hold.  Her home certainly isn’t viewing ready.  Does this sound familiar to you?  If so, what can you do to get ready quickly and easily!






Here are our quick top tips to make sure your home is easily ready to view!




Give your home a quick hoover.  Especially if you have pets or children.  It will make tidying up on viewing days so much easier!
Time taken 10 minutes


Wipe over the kitchen work surfaces, the bath tub, the sinks and toilets.  A quick wipe over will  save you so much time and hassle later
Time taken 10 minutes


Purchase a pretty toy box and ask your children to put the toys away each evening.  Pop the box in their bedroom so it’s out of the way of your main living area.
Time taken 5 minutes





Cut the lawn and de-weed the garden.  You really want your garden looking at it’s best.
Time taken 1 hour


Clean the windows or call a window cleaner.  Your windows need to sparkle to allow the light to flow in
Time taken 30 minutes


Clean your oven and fridge. You’ll be surprised how many buyers take a look at these. Your kitchen is big selling point. Make it shine.
Time taken 20 minutes



On the viewing day. Be ready in under 30 minutes.


Polish your taps.  Make them gleam.  Your bathroom and kitchen will look cleaner for it
Time taken 5 minutes


Change your towels for fluffy matching ones.  Hideaway your shampoo bottles and bleach bottles
Time taken 5 minutes


Turn on lamps.  Switch on kitchen lighting under units and over the cooker. Create an ambience
Time taken 2 minutes


Make your home smell fab.  Spray the bedding with laundry spray.  Appeal to your buyers senses.
Time taken 2 minutes
Grab your laundry basket and grab anything that’s lying around.  iPad, keys, mail, magazines.  Anything that looks out-of-place.  Hide it away in a cupboard or in the garden shed!
Time taken 5 minutes


Remove the pet’s bedding and food bowls.  Hide it away.  Not everyone is pet lover!
Time taken 5 minutes


Keep these tips handy and you’ll always be viewing ready.  They worked for my friend.  They’ll work for you.  You too can be ready for a viewing in less than 30 minutes!

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  1. A great plan for any prospective house-seller!

    August 11, 2014
    • Thanks for taking the time to both read and comment Martin. I really do appreciate it!

      August 11, 2014
  2. Emma Ford @jonathan_waters #

    Great tips as always Michelle. Ones I use most days and I’m not even selling as perfect for mother in law visits too!

    August 12, 2014
  3. Another straight forward and useful blog. Good advice all round.

    August 18, 2014

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