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Create that show house look!

Have you ever wondered why new build companies such as Barratt Homes, Persimmon Homes and locally Story Homes have show homes?  Why do they spend £10,000’s creating that perfect look?  Why do they go to such much trouble and effort?


Show houses are staged.  They go beyond a lick of paint and good clean.  Show houses are dressed to create a mood and to instill desire.  They somehow look bigger, brighter, warmer and cleaner.  They feel loved.  More importantly though, they make buyers want to buy them.  They are aimed to appeal to their targeted buyer.  I know this.  I used to work in show homes!


You may now be thinking that show homes are all about newness.  You may think that you can’t afford to rush out and buy all new furniture.  I’m not going to ask you too.  Instead I am going to ask you to be inspired by them.  To get their look by pinching their carefully researched idea’s! I have broken the show house look down into sections.  Some items will incur costs.  Some will be free.  All are designed to have a positive effect on your home and help it sell easier for the best possible price.



Here are my top 10 idea’s to give your home that show home magic!


1. Make your rooms look spacious

Show homes look spacious. They are clutter free.  The furniture is chosen to purposely fit the room.  You could create a more spacious look by taking some furniture out of a room.  It’s important your viewers can see floor space.  You also want to make sure the room can be walked through easily.


2. Simple decor

Quite often the decor in show homes is actually very simple.  It’s designed to be easy on the eye and for the furniture and accessories to do the talking.  Your decor just needs to be fresh and crisp. It doesn’t have to be magnolia everywhere, just keep it elegant and modern.


3. Clever use of Mirrors

Show homes use lots of mirrors. Mirrors bounce the light around a home really well.  Big mirrors can also draw the eye away from weaker area’s such as an older fireplace.  Mirrors are also great in inner hallways where there is little natural light.


4. Statement lamps and lights

Great lighting is essential.  Lights are used for so many different things.  They can create an atmosphere.  They can set the mood.  Lights can be used to highlight a feature.  Great lighting can be used to draw the eye.  Hang a statement chandelier in your dining room.  Turn on your lamps for viewings.


5. New fresh bedding

I recommend fresh crisp white bedding to all our my clients.  Now dress your bed with a luxurious throw and plumped up cushions in a colour of your choice.  The key then is to add a few key accessories to your room for that coordinated show home look!


6. Luxury bathroom goodies

Hideaway the everyday shampoo’s and toothbrushes and bring out your posh bathroom goodies. Invest in new matching fluffy towels.  A bathroom can be easily dressed with just a few key items. Think Molton Brown hand washes and bubble baths.  Class it as treat to yourself!


7. Dress that kitchen

Look at the kitchens in show homes.  See how healthy and uncluttered they look.  Why not display a vase full of lemon and limes. This will add colour and last longer than flowers!  If you have a superb cooker, highlight this by displaying an open cook book to the side.  Is there space to dine?  If so show it off!


8. Clean, clean , clean

Show homes are immaculate.  They are beyond clean.  Open cupboards, open the oven, look behind the sofa. It’s all exceptionally clean.  Give your house a thorough clean before you put it up for sale.  Make it shine.  Make it sparkle.  Trust me.  It makes a big difference!


9. Define each room

Do all your rooms have a purpose?  Do your bedrooms look like bedrooms?  Show each room off it to it’s best advantage.  If you have junk room, now is the time to transform it.  Buyers need to see each room used properly.  Show buyers where there is the space to dine.  Make the viewing easier for them.  You’d never find a “spare room” in a show house!


10. Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories are a show homes best friend.  They are what ties in the outfit for a fashion dresser. They create the illusion for a magician.  Use them to show off your home.  In the kitchen.  In the bathroom.  Think cushions, candles, artwork, lamps.  Think flowers.  Pick a colour scheme and stick to it.  Just like a show home does!


Why not visit some show homes this weekend.  There are some great ones you can visit locally in both Lancaster and Morecambe.  Take a look.  Be inspired and then ask me for a tailored plan for your home.


My name is Michelle.  I am the branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  If you would like a free home moving consultation, please call me on 01524 843322 or my colleague Emma on 01524 409100.

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  1. joan gee #

    I am not thinking of moving just wanting to re vamp my lounge and dining room have made many expensive mistakes in the past just want to get it right this time and admire the showhomes I have seen and want to emulate there looks love the lounge shown it is very much like the proportions of my 20 year old 4 bed detached. would love any tips thanks

    January 21, 2016

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