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How to prepare your home for photos

It’s true.  A photo speaks a thousand words.  Great photos attract buyers.  Poor photos can actually put them off.  At JDG we believe in crystal clear photography that shows off the whole room.  Here are our some of top tips to help you get ready for your photo shoot!

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September’s Letting News

Each month, we are going to bring you the latest letting news from Lancaster and Morecambe.  This months biggest difficulty has been the distinct lack of quality properties for waiting tenants.  We have had 3 reports of house hunters actually residing in local hotels!   If you have any questions,  or would like to know about our letting service,  please get in touch.   At JDG we look after your property as if it was own.

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Who’s my buyer?

When you are planning on selling your home I always feel it is key to imagine who your buyer may be.  This way it is easier to tailor your marketing towards this group, thus attracting the right type of buyer.  Imagine why you bought your home.  What were your circumstances at the time?  What attracted you to it?


When I value any home, I like to pretend I am looking around it as a potential buyer.  How do I feel?  I’ll assume different characters.  For example, if I was to view a semi-detached home, I’ll pretend I am a family of 4.  If I’m looking at a modern apartment, I’ll pretend I am a young professional.  Of course I am looking at your property as an estate agent too.  I need to do this for accurate pricing.  The former is just so I can create a formulated marketing plan for you and get you a buyer at the best possible price.


So who’s your buyer and how do you attract them to view your home?


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