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Who’s my buyer?

When you are planning on selling your home I always feel it is key to imagine who your buyer may be.  This way it is easier to tailor your marketing towards this group, thus attracting the right type of buyer.  Imagine why you bought your home.  What were your circumstances at the time?  What attracted you to it?


When I value any home, I like to pretend I am looking around it as a potential buyer.  How do I feel?  I’ll assume different characters.  For example, if I was to view a semi-detached home, I’ll pretend I am a family of 4.  If I’m looking at a modern apartment, I’ll pretend I am a young professional.  Of course I am looking at your property as an estate agent too.  I need to do this for accurate pricing.  The former is just so I can create a formulated marketing plan for you and get you a buyer at the best possible price.


So who’s your buyer and how do you attract them to view your home?


Who's your-2


Buyers are attracted to different house styles and types and for very different reasons.  What we need to do is decide who is likely to suit your home and very importantly why?  Lets’s consider 4 different house types and lets consider who they may suit.


A 2 bed terrace home

Perfect as a starter home for a young couple.  These buyers are generally looking for somewhere they can move straight into as they have had to save hard for a deposit.  Attract them with the knowledge that your home is in great condition.  Push the fact that all those essentials such as the double glazing, the gas central heating have been done.  Get a better price by accessorizing your home like you would your favourite outfit.  Point out whats in the neighbourhood.  Are there any great parks close by?  Are any of the area’s major employers are close by.  Living close to work appeals to first time buyers due to the saving they can make in travel costs!


A modern apartment 

Perfect for those looking for an easy maintenance lifestyle.  Quite often these buyers are professionals.  Many travel a lot for work.  Attract them with trendy home staging and a coordinated polished look.  Give the idea of urban living and working from home by leaving your lap top out.  Show that there is space to entertain your friends before heading out for night into the city.  Apartment living is all about the lifestyle.  What’s in the neighbourhood?  Super fast broadband?  Excellent restaurants and great theatres?  Make sure your marketing includes this essential information.


A true bungalow

Bungalows often appeal to the semi retired and retired, especially when they are on one level.  This clientele group are often easier to attract.  These people know what they are looking for and are often down sizers.  Attract them by making your bungalow look spacious.  Cut back on ornaments and family photo’s.  Make sure your home looks bright.  Show that there is still space to dine and how easy your home is to maintain.  If there are excellent local amenities close by or bus routes are on hand, mention this in your marketing.


A 3 bed semi-detached house

Young growing families are attracted to semi-detached homes.  They are the perfect family home.  These buyers are looking for more space in order to bring up the family.  Attract them by showing off your garden.  Show off how their little ones will have the space to play.  Make sure every room has a purpose and that your 3rd bedroom looks useable, not a spare room or dumping room.  Do you have a kitchen diner?  Maybe a conservatory? Ensure this highlighted in your marketing.  Also consider the schools.  Do you have excellent schools close by?  Ask your agent to ensure this mentioned. Top schools attract families.
When selling your home you need to work out who your buyer is likely to be.  Ask your estate agent for their thoughts and together create a plan to attract your ideal viewer.  It may need a little effort.  You may need to invest time in home staging and also research.  However it really will be worth it.  It can make a huge difference.
My name is Michelle and I am the senior branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  Please contact us for a free informal chat.  Can we make a difference for you?  Can we help get you moved?



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