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How to sell your home when you have kids.

Did you know?  There are over 7.7 million families with dependent children in the UK.   At anyone time approx 3% of residents in the UK are in the process of moving.  That equates to lots of houses with children up for sale!


We love our own kids however when it comes to moving home they can make the whole process a little bit more difficult.  Kids can cause distractions.  They can make our homes look untidy.  They can even put buyers off sometimes by just stealing the attention!


Here are our top tips for selling your home with kids and what you need to do.


Emma Kids

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Why do some estate agents sell more homes than others?

Interesting question isn’t it.  If all agents were the same surely we would all sell the same amount of houses?  We’d all do things in the exact same way.    We’d all advertise in the same places.  We’d all produce the same quality of brochures and photo’s.  In fact we would even employ the same people.  We don’t, we can’t.  After all there is only one of each us!

Why do some agents SELL more houses than


When you put your home up for sale it’s important you present it in the best light and your chosen agent knows what they are really selling.  You have one chance with a potential buyer.  Let’s make sure you get that chance right in the beginning.

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How to sell your home when you have pets

We are a nation of pet lovers.  Did you know?  Over 9 million of us have dogs and 8 million of us have cats.  They are even over 20 million fish kept in tanks across the UK. Strange isn’t it then when it comes to selling a home with pets, buyers seem to find animals a big no-no!

We love animals at JDG.  Between us we have cats and dogs, tropical fish and guinea pigs.  A colleague keeps chickens and there has even been a pet ferret.  However pets can also distract.  They can put buyers off.  They can even steal the attention.

Here are our top tips to selling a home with pets and what you need to do.





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7 tips to sell your home in the Autumn

How to-5I love the autumn months.  I love it for the comfy sweaters and warm drinks.  I love it for all it’s cosiness. Cooking hearty stews and keeping warm in front of the wood burning stove.  Thick rugs which are soft under foot and rich coloured tactile fabrics.  I also love it because if you get it right, autumn is the 2nd best time of year to sell your home.  Families are back from the summer breaks and the kids are back at school.  We have a couple of months of calm before Christmas is upon us!

Summer months conjure up images of sitting out in the garden and enjoying a barbecue.  Viewings often focus around your outside space however come the autumn that focus moves on.  The weather is cooler, often dull and rainy.  Think now instead of a cosy lounge with a roaring fire.  Think of thick cosy rugs, throws on beds and luxurious cushions than you can snuggle up to whilst chatting with your family.

Here are our 7 favourite tips to help you achieve the right look to sell this autumn and steal a march on your competition!

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