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How to sell your home when you have pets

We are a nation of pet lovers.  Did you know?  Over 9 million of us have dogs and 8 million of us have cats.  They are even over 20 million fish kept in tanks across the UK. Strange isn’t it then when it comes to selling a home with pets, buyers seem to find animals a big no-no!

We love animals at JDG.  Between us we have cats and dogs, tropical fish and guinea pigs.  A colleague keeps chickens and there has even been a pet ferret.  However pets can also distract.  They can put buyers off.  They can even steal the attention.

Here are our top tips to selling a home with pets and what you need to do.






Move the litter tray, hide away the biscuits and move kitties toys.  Pop your cat out and make sure he can’t sneak back in via the cat flap.  We don’t want buyers to find your furry friend curled up asleep on the bed!



Hide your dogs bed and tuck away the food bowls.  Grab a lead and go off a long walk.  Whilst we are a nation of dog lovers, you’d hate for your pet to take all the attention from your home.  Worse still, you don’t want a buyer to be scared, especially a young child!


Rats and reptiles

Love them or hate them, a home with rats and reptiles can cause a few problems with potential buyers.  We’ve had viewers who are squirmish, then there are those who are intrigued.  Either way we want them looking at your home, not your reptile collection!  Why not ask a friend to look after them, or relocate them to the garage.



Think you can’t go wrong with fish?  Think again.  Fish are peaceful and calming but if they are not looked after properly or the tank not cleaned they can start to smell or become an eyesore.  Keep your tank nice and clean. Make it into a positive feature.  A well-lit tank can look great.


Is your pet not mentioned?  Call us and let us know what you have.  We will have a bespoke solution just for you!


Until next time



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