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Why do some estate agents sell more homes than others?

Interesting question isn’t it.  If all agents were the same surely we would all sell the same amount of houses?  We’d all do things in the exact same way.    We’d all advertise in the same places.  We’d all produce the same quality of brochures and photo’s.  In fact we would even employ the same people.  We don’t, we can’t.  After all there is only one of each us!

Why do some agents SELL more houses than


When you put your home up for sale it’s important you present it in the best light and your chosen agent knows what they are really selling.  You have one chance with a potential buyer.  Let’s make sure you get that chance right in the beginning.

Get your photos right

Photos are key to attracting your buyer.  They let potential buyers visualise themselves living in your home.  Great photos ensure buyers book a viewing to see your home.  Because of this we feature large photos on both our property details and our website.  Remember a photo speaks a thousands words.  Make sure the angles are right, that the time of day is considered when taking the picture.  Buyers also expect to see photo’s of your key rooms, eg, Kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and master bedroom.  Don’t miss any of them out.


Keep your home clutter free

We advise our clients to keep their home clutter free and their cupboards neat and tidy.  Pop your paperwork away.  Hide away magazines and move everyday life from your kitchen work surfaces and around the edges of your bath tub.  It sounds like simple advice, however it something that often gets overlooked.


Why did you buy your home?

What makes your home special.  Why should somebody buy it over a neighbouring one for sale?  Make sure your agents knows your house. The little things can make a huge difference.  It maybe what you have had done to it.  It may be the how close it is to the park.  Make a list of what you believe your homes best features to be.  Now ask the agents you invite out what they think they are!


Don’t forget the floor plan

Floorplans are essential.  A recent survey reported that floor plans can increase buyer activity on a home by up to 30%.  Our findings are simple. Many buyers have told us that they wouldn’t even consider viewing a house without one.  We love floor plans at JDG.  Floorplans give a buyer a better understanding about your home, the space and the layout.


There are lots of other things you can do and certainly lots more that your chosen agent should be doing.  However just to demonstrate that not all estate agents are the same I’ll finish by telling you this.  The following properties were all up with other agents prior to coming to JDG.  However they moved to us and they sold.  Most quite quickly too!


Kentmere Road, Ridge.

Brookhouse Road, Brookhouse.

Norfolk Street, Skerton

Cork Road, Bowerham.

Windermere House, City Centre.

Whernside Road, Scale Hall

Dorchester Gardens, Morecambe


There are more, however I think you get the idea!

Are you thinking of moving or even changing estate agents?  If so please give me call.  I’ll let you know what we did to make a difference to these people.  My name is Michelle.  We love to help at JDG.  Please call me or Emma our Morecambe Valuer on 01524 843322 / 409100 and we’ll arrange a free home consultation for you.

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