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How the right Christmas decorations can help your home sell!

Christmas.  Estate Agents will tell you it’s a selling nightmare.  Houses with oversized trees.  Cards hanging from holders pinned to the wall.  Tinsel draped around the picture frames.  Does this sound familiar?  How can a buyer possibly see your home in the best light?

I have a plan.  It’s quite a simple one really and inspired by my local garden centres.  In my eyes, we all love Christmas.  We walk around garden centres like Barton Grange with a mouth wide open.  I hear people ooooing and aaahing, carefully selecting their Xmas goodies.  This weekend I visited Bents Garden Centre.  Christmas room sets made people stop.  Shoppers were taking photo’s.  And it was then at inspiration hit me.  Lets use these idea’s to really show off your home and stop the buyers in their tracks!


How the right is sitting on the other


Give your home festive kerb appeal

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5 Top Tips to sell your home in November

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It’s November.   The housing market is supposedly starting to slow and the excuse you hear from your agent is that’s the time of the year.  But is it really?

Houses are still selling.  In fact since the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme they are selling very well indeed.  So how can YOU secure that sale on your home.

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