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Thank Goodness the Internet does NOT sell houses!

Internet shopping.  I’ll be honest.  I hate it.  I’ve tried it for the first time this month.  Shopping for clothes for me and gifts for family and friends.  People saying buying houses is stressful.  Believe me, when I say it’s nothing compared to online shopping.  Clothes have arrived which don’t fit.  Fabrics aren’t what I expected them to be and even worse Mr JDG’s birthday present hasn’t arrived in time.  Like many others I am missing Xmas presents which should have been here almost a week ago.n I’m sticking to high street shopping in the future.  Thank goodness we don’t buy houses online.  Can you imagine it!


Luckily Internet doesn’t sell houses.  I don’t believe it ever can. Is that a strange thing to say?  Think about it.  You don’t go online, find a house and add it to your basket.  You don’t go to the checkout and enter your credit card details, nor do you sit at home or work and wait for your new house to arrive by courier!  The internet sells viewings.  Properties are advertised there with pictures to entice you to send an email or pick up the phone and book a viewing.  The real selling of a home is done in the property itself.

Buying any house is an emotional experience.  Buying a home is special.  You need to feel it.  You need to see it.  You even need to touch it.  You’ll want to see more than what the agents photo’s show you online for even the best agents who display the clearest photos can’t show you everything.  You’ll have questions about your future home and there is lots of information that the estate should want to share with you.  We do.  We like to know about the houses we are selling.  We like to know about what’s in the area.  We want to tell you what’s been done, after all, if you were buying a car, you would want the full service history, wouldn’t you.  Why should a house be different?

Selling houses is about people.  It’s about communication.  It’s about customer service.  Online shopping is cold.  I couldn’t even get a response on the phone about Mr JDG’s birthday present.  It was an automated message.  I’ve bought something else now.  It taught me a lesson.  Stick to the high street for things that are really important.  When it comes to property, I suggest you do the same!

Have you had similar experiences which have made you reflect and think?  If so I would love to hear about them.  My name is Michelle.  I am here to help you move.  Call me on 01524 843322.  Until next time


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