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A new year. A new beginning. A new home.

I have never truly understood New Years.  Why people make resolutions for a new year?  I’ve always believed why put off what you can do today.  Why plan change on January 1st?  It’s all mighty odd to me!

It’s been explained to me that people see it as hope.  Hope for something better.  Change of some type.  Many people decide in the New Year to move house.  Sometimes is due to new relationships.  For others it coincides with a new job. Many new first time buyers flock to the market having decided to leave home.  Older clients will put their home for sale with plans to physically move in the spring as the weather gets better.  It all starts to happen in January!

2014 has been a good year for us and if I’m honest my hope and plan for 2015 is that it continues.  There’s no reason why it shouldn’t as even December has been strong on sales and let’s!


Can I reflect now?

On a personal level at JDG we have a real great happy team.  How many companies can say that?  We’ve had 2 weddings, an engagement and just last week, a baby boy born.  Interesting in each instance, we all, including me met our partners through the office!  We’ve had internal promotions.  We’ve sold a fantastic number of houses enabling many clients to move home and we have seen our lettings department grow.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few unexpected obstacles on route.  The new mortgage regulations for one.  That was quite a game changer for many!

So how is 2015 looking?

The outlook is good.  We are positioned well.  We have an amazing team who combined have over 100 years local property selling experience.  We are investing more in training to ensure we always keep ahead in our industry.  We have a large database of buyers looking.  Reports are that the mortgage market is becoming a little easier, with some great rates available.  The help to buy scheme is still in place offering help to many especially first time buyers.  The new pension reforms may result in more people entering the buy to let market.  An upcoming election has already given the housing market a boom with a reduction in stamp duty, something agents like us have been have been requesting for some time.  The government is helping the buyers!

So what about property prices in 2015?

The industry expects prices to increase however supply and demand will dictate values and by how much.  I certainly don’t expect any decreases for Lancaster or Morecambe.  Our hope is that the market locally continues as 2014. Steady growth is good. Steady growth is realistic.  We hope those that found themselves still in negative equity in 2014 (there are still some homeowners locally) see enough growth to help them move in 2015.  We also hope for happiness. For us.  For our team.  For you.  Happiness is sign of things being just right for us all.

If you would like any moving advice in 2015 we are here to help.  Our advice is designed to get you the best the price for your home.  Home consultations are free.  Call us for an informal chat and free valuation.

My name is Michelle.  I’ve been valuing homes locally for over 14 years.  Call me on 01524 843322 or drop me an email at

Speak soon


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