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7 tips to sell your home this Winter

The winter is well and truly here.  The days feel dark.  The days are often wet.  We have seen snow and high winds.  It is cold out there.  Why would anybody want to move?

The new year brings a whole new group of buyers.  All house hunting for different reasons.  The question is how can we attract them to your home?  How can we make them want to buy?  Selling your home in the winter does unfortunately require more work however if you follow these simple tips you’ll soon be securing yourself a buyer.  These are tips we share with our clients.  We know that they work.

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Make sure your prospective buyers can park

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Does your estate agent really know your home?

Just recently I got engaged.  It happened in New York which unknown to me at the time is the diamond capital of America.  Having burst into tears (and of course saying yes), John and I went in search of the perfect engagement ring.  I’m not going to bore you with my full story however some rather interesting events happened which I can relate to in the world of the property.   I’ve broken them down into three points.   Which all come down to three things.  Trust.  Confidence and knowledge



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Help. My neighbours are up for sale too!

This blog has been inspired by a new client of mine.  A client who called rather worried as her neighbour’s house had also just gone up for sale. Worse still, there are actually 17 other terrace homes up for sale within 1/4 mile radius which are potential competition.  We had already identified these.  It is after all our job to know what else is up for sale. However it’s more important that we know what we are selling and how it compares!


Whenever you choose to sell your home, it’s likely there will be competition, more so in the new year and spring when lots of people decide to move.  What you need to do, with your agent, is work out how you compare.  Let’s assume the houses you are competing against are all in your area and have the same number of bedrooms.  They are true direct competition.  What can you do to stand out from the crowd?



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