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7 tips to sell your home this Winter

The winter is well and truly here.  The days feel dark.  The days are often wet.  We have seen snow and high winds.  It is cold out there.  Why would anybody want to move?

The new year brings a whole new group of buyers.  All house hunting for different reasons.  The question is how can we attract them to your home?  How can we make them want to buy?  Selling your home in the winter does unfortunately require more work however if you follow these simple tips you’ll soon be securing yourself a buyer.  These are tips we share with our clients.  We know that they work.

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Make sure your prospective buyers can park

Parking is a bugbear.  Put yourself in a viewers shoes.  Can you imagine how off-putting it is having to drive around an area trying to find a parking space and then having to get wet in the horrible weather we have been experiencing?  Make it easy for them.  Invite your viewers to park on your driveway.  Or make sure your private parking space is available for them.  If you have residents permit parking, ask your estate agent to be ready at your door to hand the permit across.  Make sure your viewing gets off to a good start!


Clear away litter in the street

First impressions count and if your street looks like a dustbin it can actually affect the property by up to 12% according to a recent article in the Daily Express.  12% of a house worth £150,000 is £18,000 which by anybody’s reasoning is a lot of money.  It might not be your litter but if you want to get your home sold and get the best priced its time to grab a bin bag and don your rubber gloves.


Brush away any fallen leaves and keep your path clear

Clear away any fallen leaves which by now will be dried up.  Dried up leaves give the indication that you are not that house proud. They can block up the drains.  A buyer wants to see your garden or yard not the remains of Autumn.


Make sure your windows and door sparkle

Cleaning your windows goes a long way to selling your home.  Your home will fresher and brighter.  The sun light will stream through easier creating a fresher feel.  Did you know that dirty windows can actually make a home feel drab and dark!  I also recommend cleaning your front door.  Polish the door furniture. Repaint if necessary.  Windows and doors are essential in giving your home kerb appeal.


Turn on the lights

Don’t forget to turn on the lights before a viewing.  Side lights and lamps can add atmosphere.  The light on your extractor hood in the kitchen and any display cupboards can transform the feel of a room.  If you have lights on your wardrobes switch them on.  Keep your home feeling bright and welcoming throughout.


Keep your home warm

It’s cold out there.  Don’t leave your viewers shivering.  Leave on the heating and your potential buyers will thank you for it.  They’ll linger longer and spend longer in each room as they warm their hands up on the radiator!  If you have an open fire or wood burning stove, I recommend you light it.  Fires create a cosy atmosphere. They same principal works for gas and electric fires too adding a lovely warm glow to the room.


Avoid viewings on bin collection days

Wheelie bins overflowing with litter really are off putting.  They detract from how a street really looks and give off a bad first impression.  Sadly once the bins are emptied are they are still left on the street until home owners and tenants return from work. When the wind picks up they can become blown down the street. My advice is simple.  Avoid viewings on dust bin days!


We have many other tips including ways to show off the interior of your home.  Why not book a free home moving consultation with us today and we can tailor a moving plan for you.  Alternatively check out our Facebook page which features regular seasonal and up to date tips.


My name is Michelle and I am the senior branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  We give free moving and advise and tips to all of our clients.  We are here to help you move and achieve the best price for your home.

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