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What do estate agents look for when carrying out a market appraisal of your home?

If you are thinking of moving home, you will need to get your home valued for sale.  At JDG Estate Agents we call these market appraisals.  We will look at the marketing price of your home and also the best way to advertise your home to the general public to ensure you get the best price.  Most home sellers will invite 3 estate agents and choose who they feel most confident with.

It is true when they say your home is your biggest asset.  It is what you have worked hard for.  Eventually it’s the inheritance you leave behind to your family.  I know this might sound morbid but it is true.  Today though it will dictate what you can afford to move on to.  Therefore you have a very important decision to make.  Don’t make this choice based on fee.  Base it on trust.  A friend and fellow estate agent once said ….

“The cheapest agent is not the one who charges the lowest fee, but the one who achieves the highest price”


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What does the front of your home say about you?

You’ve decided you want to move home.  The inside is all prepped.  Your kitchen and bathroom are sparkling.  But what does the front of your home say about you? Go outside and take a look.  Does your front door stand out?  Is your front garden neat?  Does your home have what we call kerb appeal?  It’s important that your home stands out as the best on the street.  Here are just a few simple idea’s low cost ideas which can make a big difference!


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How to be your own secret agent

Have you ever watched Phil Spencer’s Secret Agent?  It’s a fab property programme on Channel 4.  Each episode features a house which the owners are struggling to sell.  Some of them have been trying for months, others years despite a fast moving housing market.


Every house has issues which generally the owner can’t see (often its smell related, sometimes the colour scheme and nearly always, lots of clutter).  The owners always blame the estate agent for the house not selling and say things like “I presumed the buyer would see past that” or “Surely the buyers can sort out the garden”.  Phil goes in to the house, prepares a to do list which he then presents to the buyers.  Often he has to persuade them to do the jobs and basically points what we, the tv viewers feel are rather obvious! It makes great watching, as Phil is without fail always right and the house generally goes onto sell.

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How to get a buyer to fall in love with your home

Selling your home is emotive.  It’s all about creating a connection with your buyers.  It’s about making them see the best of your home and falling in love.  It’s very similar to a first date.

Just like people check out possible suitors, buyers will research potential homes.  They’ll check out the area.  They’ll read your online profile. T he introduction to view your home may have come from your estate agent, just like how a friend tries to tempt you on a blind date with one of their other single friends.  The question is how do your prepare your home for this first meeting?

We want buyers to fall in love with your home.  We want your buyers to walk in and everything feels ‘just right’.  Think of how you would prepare for a date.


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