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How to get a buyer to fall in love with your home

Selling your home is emotive.  It’s all about creating a connection with your buyers.  It’s about making them see the best of your home and falling in love.  It’s very similar to a first date.

Just like people check out possible suitors, buyers will research potential homes.  They’ll check out the area.  They’ll read your online profile. T he introduction to view your home may have come from your estate agent, just like how a friend tries to tempt you on a blind date with one of their other single friends.  The question is how do your prepare your home for this first meeting?

We want buyers to fall in love with your home.  We want your buyers to walk in and everything feels ‘just right’.  Think of how you would prepare for a date.


Create a great first impression

That first glance is essential.  It’s the second a buyer looks at your home and the eyes decide if they like what they see.  In house selling it begins with your entrance.  We call it kerb appeal.  Does your home have it?  It’s easy to do.


Keep it simple

Keep your rooms simple and clutter free.  Remember just like a little black dress, often less is more.  Let your buyers see your main features, not your treasured collection of family photos and children’s drawings.


Pick the right accessories

You’ve kept it simple but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise.  Just choose the right items to dress your room and pull it all together.  Just like you would your date outfit.  Think plump cushions for a luxury look.  Use mirrors to reflect the light.  Display flowers for colour.


Make sure you are fresh and clean

You can’t beat a fresh, clean feeling home.  You’d shower before a date and spray your favourite perfume.  Do this for your home.  Freshen up the paintwork.  Hoover, clean, make your home sparkle.  A simple plug-in can make your home smell delightful!


Our tips are common sense.  However if you think of these each time you have a viewing, you’ll find a buyer quickly and one which falls in love with your home!


My name is Michelle.  I am one of the directors at JDG Estate Agents.  We offer moving tips and home staging advice free to all of our clients.  If you would like help in moving and would like to book a free home move consultation and valuation, please get in touch!

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