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What does the front of your home say about you?

You’ve decided you want to move home.  The inside is all prepped.  Your kitchen and bathroom are sparkling.  But what does the front of your home say about you? Go outside and take a look.  Does your front door stand out?  Is your front garden neat?  Does your home have what we call kerb appeal?  It’s important that your home stands out as the best on the street.  Here are just a few simple idea’s low cost ideas which can make a big difference!


Paint the front door

A front door which stands out is hugely cheering.  You want your home to stand out, not blend into the background.  I personally like deep red for vitality.  I love glossy black for a classical elegant look.  Painting the door is one of the most effective things you can do.

Add big bold numbers

Stylish house numbers can give your home the edge.  A modern home should feature something crisp and clean, perhaps in glass or stainless steel. A cottage could use wood or slate.  It just needs to be in keeping to give the right impression.

Replace the door knocker and handles

Matching shiny hardware gives any front door a polished look.  A simple knocker can make a statement and in years gone by it was symbolic.  Choose brass or chrome.  Just make sure it matches, ideally with your internal door fittings for a seamless flow.

Add planting to match the house style

Plants and flowers can transform a home.  Simple hanging baskets and window boxes can make a terrace home stand out.  Choose your plants to suit your home.  White flowers can look great on photos and are hard to date!

We have many more tips for you from how to deal with litter in your street, what to do if parking is an issue, or what to do if your neighbours home is preventing you from selling.  We are here to help you.  Follow these simple ideas and your home will give a great first impression


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