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Lessons from the Cheltenham Gold Cup

I was very lucky to be invited to the Cheltenham Gold Cup just recently.  It was a fantastic experience and not just for the horse racing.  I couldn’t believe how much organising goes into such event.  I also got to see AP McCoys final Cheltenham race.  The roar was fantastic when he came out and the crowd went wild.  Even the large TV Screens had a good wish message just for him!  Travelling back home, I thought about my experiences and how backing a winning horse isn’t actually that different from choosing the correct estate agent for you.

Wondering how this applies?  Read on.  You might be surprised!

What do

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A simple shopping list to stage your home for sale

When you put your home up for sale, it’s really important that your internal presentation is great.  Photos of your property will be looked at by potential buyers.  From a photo, these potential buyers will make a decision if they want to view or your home or not.

If you’ve followed our spring cleaning advice, your home should be sparkling.  Now we just need to add the finishes touches which will transform your home into a house ready for sale.  You might already have some of these items.  Others you might need to acquire, hence I have made it a shopping list.  I really believe you need to buy them over borrow them as it’s really important on viewing days that your home looks like the photos.  If it doesn’t, it causes confusion in buyers minds and you might finish up with lots of viewings but no offers. T his is really deflating and can easily be avoided by following these simple tips.

Here is your simple shopping list……..


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Spring Clean your way to a sale!

Did your grandparents ever have an annual spring clean?  The type which took all day?  The rugs got aired over the washing line.  The kitchen cupboards were cleaned out and the windows were washed inside and out?  If they did, you’ll know what I mean!  If you are planning on moving you need to follow their lead.  You need to Spring clean your home and make it sparkle.  The great thing is most of it is free to do.  It just needs a bit of time and elbow grease!

Let’s see what needs doing!

FullSizeRender 2

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How to sell your home this spring!

Spring has Sprung.  Lambs are in the fields and the daffodils are making an appearance brightening our days and our morning drive into work.  Everybody feels more positive. The housing market bounces into life.  More properties come available for sale.  But more properties mean more competition for you. To sell now you need to make your home stand out from the crowd!

Here are some simple ideas which work.


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