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Spring Clean your way to a sale!

Did your grandparents ever have an annual spring clean?  The type which took all day?  The rugs got aired over the washing line.  The kitchen cupboards were cleaned out and the windows were washed inside and out?  If they did, you’ll know what I mean!  If you are planning on moving you need to follow their lead.  You need to Spring clean your home and make it sparkle.  The great thing is most of it is free to do.  It just needs a bit of time and elbow grease!

Let’s see what needs doing!

FullSizeRender 2

Organise Wardrobes and cupboards

Now is the time to have a wardrobe clear out, especially if your wardrobes are fitted.  Pack away winter clothes into suitcases.  Why not donate old clothes to charity?  When buyers look inside they want to see an organised area.  Coordinated hangers always look great and streamlined.  Do the same with your kitchen cupboards.  Clearer cupboards given the illusion that you have loads of storage space.  Buyers like to see organised homes!

Deep Clean your carpets

Buyers hate dirty carpets.  It’s a huge turn off.  Steam cleaning your carpets can transform your room. Dirt, bacteria and pet smells become eliminated.  High traffic areas are no longer visible.
Clean carpets really do help sell houses.  Cleaning them is also cheaper than replacing them!

Get polishing

Wipe the light bulbs, polish your taps, clean the windows, wash the front door.  Don’t forget the skirting boards which can be a magnet for accumulating dirt and dust.  Your house needs to gleam.
When a house is clean the light bounces around better.  Don’t forget to keep your kitchen work surfaces polished.  Buyers often run their hands over them!

Power wash the patio and drive

Finally, take a look outside.  Hire a power washer and get blasting.  Get the rid of the moss and the dead leaves.  Drive ways and paths are the first impression to your home.  Make sure they are clean too.  If you have a patio, decking or a rear yard, give that a good power wash too.  It will make all the difference and can help clinch that sale!

There are so many area’s to clean and consider.  Think also about your fridge and oven.  Check your kitchen walls and cooker hood for grease.  The list goes on!  If you’d like more tailored advice for your home, please get in touch.  We are here to help you move.  You can call me on 01524 843322

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