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How honest are your photos?

This week I got shouted at.  Well maybe not strictly shouted at, but it was certainly a rant.  Luckily it wasn’t actually aimed at me, rather my profession in general.  The lady was a tenant in a house I happened to be valuing.  She is also a house hunter,  looking to buy a property and one which is rather frustrated by estate agents in general “wasting her time”.  I asked her to explain what she meant and sadly found myself agreeing with the majority of her points.

Let me tell you about it.   The bulk of what she had to say was aimed at estate agents marketing.


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How to transform your rear yard in four easy steps

Spring is here.  Garden Centres are full of lovely plants and barbecues on sale.  The nicer weather is making people want to be outside having spent a wet winter cooped up indoors.

Here at JDG, we are noticing this on viewings.  People are spending longer looking in the gardens at the properties they view.  They are thinking more of how the garden will work for them and their family.  When you have outdoor space adjacent to your home, you can show at it as an extension of your living room, creating an area where people can relax and socialize.  When you have a garden it’s easy to see where the kids can play or where there is space to grow your own veg, something which are finding becoming increasingly popular.

But what if you only have a small yard.  What can you do then?  My advise.  Transform it.  I give this advise often to my clients.  In fact I give advice room by room, but lets look at the yard today.  There’s lots of simply things we can do.  Here are my top 4 idea’s!


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Can your agent afford to give you time? 

At the time of writing this,  I have toothache.  Real bad toothache.  The sort where you can’t sleep and just don’t know what to do with yourself.  I need a dentist.  The internet can’t help me,  googling toothache doesn’t help.  I need the help of a professional.  An expert in their field and somebody who I know won’t hurt me.  It will cost.  But it will be worth it for I am in pain.

I used to think dentists were expensive.  You might do too.  But when you think about it, the years they have trained, the experience they have, the sheer cost of their equipment and costs they have to actually run their business, they probably aren’t as pricey as we think.  I’m going to hold that thought for when I pay my bill tomorrow.  I’m going to focus on what they have actually done, which hopefully will be to have fixed my tooth!   I say this because a client has recently asked me to explain my fees as an estate agent.  They asked me what we actually do for our money.  Not sarcastically, they genuinely want to know.  I decided to write it down.  The time we invest even surprised me!

Let’s look at a sale we have recently completed on.  I have a chosen a 3 bed semi-detached house in Bowerham.  The entire process from beginning to end took 12 weeks.

What do-2

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What came first? The chicken or the the egg?

Did you know, one of the most popular questions I get asked by many a home seller, relates to the chicken and egg scenario.  Or should I say, in property selling terms “Should I put my house up for sale first or find my dream home first?”

Clients are often worried that they will sell their home and not find anywhere suitable.  Please let me reassure you.  We are not going to make you homeless!  My answer however is always the same.  Unless you can afford to proceed without selling your property, you need to put your home up for sale first.

Here are just some reasons why.


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