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What came first? The chicken or the the egg?

Did you know, one of the most popular questions I get asked by many a home seller, relates to the chicken and egg scenario.  Or should I say, in property selling terms “Should I put my house up for sale first or find my dream home first?”

Clients are often worried that they will sell their home and not find anywhere suitable.  Please let me reassure you.  We are not going to make you homeless!  My answer however is always the same.  Unless you can afford to proceed without selling your property, you need to put your home up for sale first.

Here are just some reasons why.


You want to be taken seriously as a buyer

Home sellers will take you a lot more seriously if you have a buyer for your own property or at the very least you are on the market. I have known occasions where sellers only want people to look around you can either proceed or are at least up for sale already. Many take time preparing their house to show, especially if they have pets or children.

You don’t want to cause yourself heartache

If you happen to find that dream house and you are not even up for sale yet, you run the risk of causing upset for yourself and / or your family.  Finding your new home is often an emotive experience.  I have seen children pick their bedrooms on a viewings.  I have watched couples mentally move in.  If you aren’t in a position to offer, you’ll create your own pressure.  We can handle it as experienced estate agents but can you?

It’s good to be in a strong position

When you are in position of strength, you hold most of the cards.  It is still in many ways a buyers market. When you make an offer, there are no carrots dangling.  Your offer is real.  We can get down to serious negotiations.  Plus you’ll know what you sold for.  Therefore you’ll know how much you really can afford to offer!

Somebody else might just be looking for the same as you

We’ve had a few instances recently where several people were viewing the same properties.  They were beautiful houses and because of our full coverage marketing we made sure potential buyers knew they were new to the market.  It’s what we do.  Who do you think got the house?  It was the people who could proceed!

Have we convinced you yet?  If you’d like to chat through your moving needs and concerns, please call us.  Everybody has their own reasons for moving.  Everybody has their own moving story.  We are to help.  We are here to listen.  Call us for a free impartial chat and property valuation.

My name is Michelle.  You can call me on 01524 843322 or email me at

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