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How to transform your rear yard in four easy steps

Spring is here.  Garden Centres are full of lovely plants and barbecues on sale.  The nicer weather is making people want to be outside having spent a wet winter cooped up indoors.

Here at JDG, we are noticing this on viewings.  People are spending longer looking in the gardens at the properties they view.  They are thinking more of how the garden will work for them and their family.  When you have outdoor space adjacent to your home, you can show at it as an extension of your living room, creating an area where people can relax and socialize.  When you have a garden it’s easy to see where the kids can play or where there is space to grow your own veg, something which are finding becoming increasingly popular.

But what if you only have a small yard.  What can you do then?  My advise.  Transform it.  I give this advise often to my clients.  In fact I give advice room by room, but lets look at the yard today.  There’s lots of simply things we can do.  Here are my top 4 idea’s!


Power wash the concrete

Many back yards are concrete.  If you have paving, decking or indeed gravel you are already onto a winner.  If not, hire a power washer.  A good scrub, will make it look clean and feel fresh.  It will also look brighter.  Why not power wash your paths too.  Clean anything that needs it.  Even your garden furniture. Buyers will thank you for it.

Paint the walls

How do your walls look?  A bit dark and grubby?  Painting the walls with a light coloured masonry paint will not only brighten your space, it will make it feel larger too.  If you have a gate, shed or outhouse, paint this too.  Buyers like a co-ordinated look.  We love the seaside trend of off white walls co-ordinated with seagrass or forget me not blues.

Invest in some plants

I always advise clients to invest in some plants.  You could build a raised border by using railway sleepers.  A simpler way would be larger planters filled with colourful plants.  Tree’s in pots can also help detract from an unsightly view or even add privacy.  Plants add colour!

Somewhere to sit and dine alfresco

For me this one of the most essential things are seller can do.  Invest in a small table.  Show that buyers can sit and enjoy the summer.  Give them somewhere to dine alfresco.  Everybody loves the thought of eating outdoors on a nice evening or sunny day.  Demonstrate that this is possible at your home!
I hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to improve your yard for sale.  We are here to help at JDG Estate Agents.  We give home staging advise, as well as accurate valuations.  Our advice is given to help you get the price for your home.  Simple improvements can increase the price you achieve.  They can help your home seller quicker and for more.
Can we help you?  If so please give us a call on 01524 84322 or 01524 409100 and ask for a free home move consultation.  We are here to help you move!
What to read next.  Looking for more moving tips?  Check out your ready made shopping list of must have home staging items!

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