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The day I made a client cry

Have you ever upset somebody? Not intentionally, but told somebody something they don’t want to hear, really believing you are doing the best thing?  I have.  I am not proud.  In fact it upset me too.  I made an old lady cry.  It certainly wasn’t my intention.  I want to share with you what happened so understand that estate agents do have hearts.  You see my job is about people.  Not houses.  That might sound a little odd, but hopefully you’ll soon understand.  Here is my story.


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Now it’s time vote for JDG


Choosing an estate agent is like choosing your government ( or so a client told me this week and I do see their point!).  You need to have the confidence and trust in the agent you choose.  They need to have ethics, professionalism, and integrity.  Local knowledge and enthusiasm is essential.  They also need belief.  Belief in you and your home.

Here is our promise to you.

We’ll never knowingly overvalue

We hate over valuing.  It doesn’t help anybody.  Certainly not you.  And definitely not us!  We do believe however in getting you the best price for your home and we will demonstrate to you how we do this.

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5 Reasons your home might not be getting viewings

Is your home up for sale?  Are you getting frustrated by seeing other agents sold boards or reports that you read that the housing market is picking up? I f you are, you are not alone.  We’ve been talking recently to frustrated home owners across Lancaster and Morecambe who are struggling to sell. Thankfully these people aren’t up for sale with us, although we hope they soon will be.  I can tell you though the first to switch to us is under offer already, and in just 4 days!

We’ve sat down and analysed these home owners property details.  We’ve gone back to basics and looked at various elements.  Some people have been given job lists to do.  We’ve asked people to declutter.  Others to stage their garden.  One has a front door to paint.  Another is now re-grouting the bathroom and buying fresh white bedding.  There are all sorts of different reasons.  However here are just some common reasons as to why your home might be struggling to sell.


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